Is "stay-at-home mom" the whole story?

Samantha Ettus, MBA, talks about the "what do you do" question for stay at home moms
How To Tell People What You Do As A Stay-at-Home Mom
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Is "stay-at-home mom" the whole story?

When you choose to take time off, it is very important that you own your story. And that means, when you are describing yourself, you never describe yourself simply as a stay at home mom. I met a woman on the plane the other day and I asked her what she did and she said, " Oh! I'm home with my kids." Now I asked a follow up question, of what she used to do?. And it turned out that she had a long flourishing career in international sales. So I suggested to her that she describe herself from now own to say, "I spent 12 years in international sales and now I've taken the last 2 years to be with my kids." It just paints a very different picture and 99% of the people won't be asking that follow up question. So, its up to you to enhance the story with the facts and explain your self as a 360 degree person.

Samantha Ettus, MBA, talks about the "what do you do" question for stay at home moms


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Samantha Ettus, MBA

Lifestyle Expert for Working Moms

Sam is the leading lifestyle and parenting expert for working women. Since earning her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard, Sam has coached thousands of women - celebrities, entrepreneurs, top CEO's and professional athletes - who aim to perform at the highest levels in both their professional and personal lives.

Sam is a bestselling author of four Random House books and a Contributor to Forbes and Disney’s parenting site, Babble. She hosts a nationally syndicated radio show for working moms and the Conference for Women’s monthly radio show, “Office Hours.”

Sam hosted leading online talk show, Obsessed TV and is known for her interviewing skills. She has interviewed countless luminaries from Al Roker to Bethenny Frankel and Mary J. Blige. Sam has made hundreds of local and national TV appearances and is a sought after speaker at corporations, conferences and colleges.

Sam aims to practice what she preaches in her daily life as a mother of three and wife of entrepreneur, Mitch Jacobs. 

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