Back to school tips for working moms

Samantha Ettus, MBA, shows working parents how to manage back to school stress and responsibilities.
Working mom tips: Back to school without the stress
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Back to school tips for working moms

Back to school time can really hit working moms hard, because there is so much going on. There is back to school meetings, at school. You've to have school supplies, back packs. its just suddenly an onslaught of so-many obligations. And so there are few things you can do as a working mom to make this time easier. One of them, is as soon as the school calendar arrives for each of your kids schools, whether it is in the summer or in the fall you put in every single date into your calendar so that you are much less likely to miss the important things and you can schedule around them. The second thing is you really want to find two moms at each of your children's school that you can count on. Now these people do not need to be your best friends but you need to invest in these relationships. So early on during the school year if you see people that might have potential, you have coffee with them or lunch. And then you make those people into your friends. And you do things for them and they do things for you. So if you can't make a pick up one day or you're traveling you can really count of the team of moms that you've created for your support and that means that when you are in town and you're available you're always volunteering to help them so that it is easier to ask for help when you need to. Also, you want to make sure that each of your kids has a place in your home. Whether its a cubby or its just an area where their back pack goes every day. That's how you know where their homework is, where their shoes are. Just so that when you leave for school in the morning, it's not this crazy haze of messiness. It's a little more organized. And so, the more you can do in advance, picking up clothes the night before, doing as much of the lunch box preparation as possible and really getting your kids organized with homework and back packs, the easier your start to your day will be.

Samantha Ettus, MBA, shows working parents how to manage back to school stress and responsibilities.


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Samantha Ettus, MBA

Lifestyle Expert for Working Moms

Sam is the leading lifestyle and parenting expert for working women. Since earning her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard, Sam has coached thousands of women - celebrities, entrepreneurs, top CEO's and professional athletes - who aim to perform at the highest levels in both their professional and personal lives.

Sam is a bestselling author of four Random House books and a Contributor to Forbes and Disney’s parenting site, Babble. She hosts a nationally syndicated radio show for working moms and the Conference for Women’s monthly radio show, “Office Hours.”

Sam hosted leading online talk show, Obsessed TV and is known for her interviewing skills. She has interviewed countless luminaries from Al Roker to Bethenny Frankel and Mary J. Blige. Sam has made hundreds of local and national TV appearances and is a sought after speaker at corporations, conferences and colleges.

Sam aims to practice what she preaches in her daily life as a mother of three and wife of entrepreneur, Mitch Jacobs. 

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