Raising children on a vegan diet

Watch Video: Raising children on a vegan diet by Traci Cummings, ...
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Raising children on a vegan diet

If I had been a vegan when I had my children, I would have raised my children vegan. I absolutely would have raised them because that's what I believe and that's how I live. Because I was not vegan when I had my children and they are older enough at this point to know the difference, I explain to them about how I feel and about why I feel the way that I do about food. When they are at my house, I still will make concessions for them. I still will buy them cheese. My son likes milk, I let him drink it. I will still prepare some meats for them, but they know that I'm not interested in eating this. This is not the kind of food that I want to eat. We have gone to the co-op where we get our vegetables. They know how far away our food comes from. The understand the different ingredients that I don't want them eating. They know things about genetic modification, maybe a few more things than most 5 and 7 year olds know. But I also know that being vegan is my choice. I believe in it and it's right for me. I explain why I do it, and I hope that my children will make the right choice for them. If it's not vegan, that's okay.

Watch Video: Raising children on a vegan diet by Traci Cummings, ...


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Traci Cummings

Unconventional Mom

Traci Cummings is a divorced, self-described unconventional mom of two children, ages seven and five.  When she isn't preparing meals, cleaning up or playing card games with her children, she is busy trying to spread the word about babywearing.  Traci – who is a strong advocate of breastfeeding, the family bed and instinctual parenting – believes her children are the teachers providing daily lessons to further her practice as a parent.

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