Babywearing benefits

Learn about: Babywearing benefits from Traci Cummings,...
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Babywearing benefits


I think there are a ton of benefits of wearing your baby. Having your baby close fosters a very secure connection for baby and the person who's wearing it. There's nothing more comfortable than having a calm, sleeping baby on you. The rhythms of your breathing, the rhythms of your walking brings baby back into that safe, womb-like state, so it build that security, that foundation of feeling safe. It's great when you've got multiple children to keep the toddler from poking at the baby or pulling on the baby. You can be making dinner and have the baby on your back and be cooking a multi-tasking and everybody can be safe and happy. And it's great when you're out and about to not have to push this big, bulky stroller and have everything that you need. Babies are so happy just being worn and feeling comfortable. And it's great for their system. It keeps their reflexes fresh. And I think just in general, again, builds that security from the start.

Learn about: Babywearing benefits from Traci Cummings,...


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Traci Cummings

Unconventional Mom

Traci Cummings is a divorced, self-described unconventional mom of two children, ages seven and five.  When she isn't preparing meals, cleaning up or playing card games with her children, she is busy trying to spread the word about babywearing.  Traci – who is a strong advocate of breastfeeding, the family bed and instinctual parenting – believes her children are the teachers providing daily lessons to further her practice as a parent.

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