How to use a mei tai carrier

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How to use a mei tai carrier


So the mei tai, I’m going to tie on like I’m putting on an apron. I’m going to tie it in a knot in my back – it’s pretty easy to untie. I tie it like this so that when I bring the fabric up, I’ve got this nice pouch here so baby can’t fall through. So again, if I’ve got a newborn baby who’s not splaying their legs, I’m just going to either froggy the legs or they're just going to cross them underneath – whatever’s comfortable to them. Bring the fabric up, throw the straps over, I’m going to cross them behind my back, nice and snug, I don’t want there to be any space between me and baby. And then while baby’s legs are in I’m going to tie it right behind baby’s back so that baby doesn’t slouch and that there’s no way that baby could flip out of the side. Okay, if baby’s awake they can look around, if baby’s asleep I can have this up. Again very comfortable, very functional.

Watch Traci Cummings's video on How to use a mei tai carrier...


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Traci Cummings is a divorced, self-described unconventional mom of two children, ages seven and five.  When she isn't preparing meals, cleaning up or playing card games with her children, she is busy trying to spread the word about babywearing.  Traci – who is a strong advocate of breastfeeding, the family bed and instinctual parenting – believes her children are the teachers providing daily lessons to further her practice as a parent.

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