How to use a pouch sling

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How to use a pouch sling


This is a pouch sling. This particular one has a little bit of stretch to it – width wide stretch, not length wide stretch – and it is measured to your body. You fold it in half to make a pouch, slip one arm though over your head, straighten it out. I’m going to open up the pouch, I’m going to get baby, put baby up in burp position. I’m just going to push the legs together, they can froggy, just so that they don’t go backwards, and if they do don’t worry, baby will let you know soon enough. I open up and I sort of just guide baby in. Okay, so this is a great newborn hold. If baby falls asleep I can pull the fabric up a little bit more to catch the head. Real nice and comfortable, I can move around, do things, function still as a person.

Learn about: How to use a pouch sling from Traci Cummings,...


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Traci Cummings is a divorced, self-described unconventional mom of two children, ages seven and five.  When she isn't preparing meals, cleaning up or playing card games with her children, she is busy trying to spread the word about babywearing.  Traci – who is a strong advocate of breastfeeding, the family bed and instinctual parenting – believes her children are the teachers providing daily lessons to further her practice as a parent.

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