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Author & Parent Educator

Katherine Eskovitz is an award-winning children's author and founder of little BLUEPRINT. Katherine's Have a Plan Books, available at, are the results of years of research on child development, brain science and collaboration with experts. Katherine speaks to parents and children nationwide on plan-based parenting. She is also an expert for Psychology Today and other leading publications.

By Katherine Eskovitz Award-winning children’s author and founder of little BLUEPRINT
Why is it that children’s menus at restaurants in our country seem to offer almost exclusively unhealthy food for our children? And public school cafeterias are among the worst, serving high-fat, high-sodium, high-sugar, low-fiber menus. It is no wonder childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years.1
I’ve often marveled at how some adults who had the most horrific childhoods are so resilient and successful while others continue to suffer as adults.  Likewise, affluent and relatively uneventful childhoods do not reliably predict later happiness in life.  Research demonstrates that while some outcomes are largely due to our genetic blueprint, how we shape that blueprint is the key to thriving.
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