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Rodney “Batman” Batiste is an 8th degree black belt, and has held the USA andWorld Middleweight Championship titles of the Professional Karate Association and the National Karate Association respectively. Master Batiste has over 40 years of teaching experience, and is the recipient of several teaching and community service awards. His new book DAGPAW Means Success: A Parent’s Guide to Instilling Martial Arts Success Skills into Their Child at Home has just been released on “Amazon.Com” and is getting rave reviews. In the early 80’s, when Master Batiste first conceived his DAGPAW concept, it was so well received that he was contracted by then Mayor Marion Barry to tour Washington D.C. doing seminars and lectures as part of his roaming leaders program; Ivan Labray of the Capitols and Wes Unsel of the Bullets were also part of the program.In 1985 Master Batiste founded WCRB On-site Karate, the DC Area’s premier provider of On-site...

master batiste karate instructor
Want your child to grow up and accomplish any goal they set the mind on? Teach them like a karate instructor. DAGPAW© is the acronym I use to describe the six essential skills necessary to succeed in life. It stands for Discipline, A’s & B’s, Goal setting, Perseverance, Attitude, and Work Ethic. I came to this conclusion after reflecting on what it took for me to free myself from a possible life of destruction and become world champion.
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