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Mia Johnson is a Freelance writer & Fitness Expert From Sydney, Australia

 Kids Bathroom
Organizing your home and keeping it neat is hard enough but it just gets harder when you’ve got a kid. No matter how many times you tell them to put their clothes and toys away and clean up the bathroom after themselves, they simply forget or just don’t mind the mess. Things complicate further when you live in a smaller home with rooms that aren’t that big. In such cases, you have to get really creative about organizing your space and leaving enough room for style as well as function. When it comes to your kid’s bathroom, this is how you should approach the issue of organization.
Kids and Chocolate
For some reason, parents often forbid their children to eat a full bar of chocolate after lunch or as a snack. In reality, such restrictions are not founded on fact, but rather on myths that used to circulate about chocolate decades ago. Today, scientists have discovered all the nutritive effects chocolate has and they recommend eating limited quantities of it. That is why there is no reason for your child not to eat chocolate. In fact, if eaten in reasonable amounts, chocolate has several benefits to your child’s mental and physical health.
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