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Organization Tips For A Kids Bathroom

 Kids Bathroom

Organizing your home and keeping it neat is hard enough but it just gets harder when you’ve got a kid. No matter how many times you tell them to put their clothes and toys away and clean up the bathroom after themselves, they simply forget or just don’t mind the mess. Things complicate further when you live in a smaller home with rooms that aren’t that big. In such cases, you have to get really creative about organizing your space and leaving enough room for style as well as function. When it comes to your kid’s bathroom, this is how you should approach the issue of organization.

1. Add some step stools

Children are often too small to reach the countertops and buying child-friendly furniture simply doesn’t pay off. They grow crazy fast, which means that you’d just end up paying for a remodeling job of the whole bathroom pretty soon. Why should you invest in the same space twice if you can just make it perfect the first time?

Of course, there’s still the question of organization when it comes to the kids' bathroom. No matter how big they’ll grow, they're still small right now and won’t be able to reach anything in the room. This means they’ll leave a mess everywhere and that most things will end up on the floor or crammed in other spaces. By adding step stools, you’re saving money and making the bathroom extremely child-friendly at the same time. You can forget about the mess, too.

2. Install separate sinks

Those who have more than one child sharing the kids' bathroom know exactly what kind of chaos ensues when they’re all in the bathroom together. Let’s say they’re brushing their teeth in the morning of the evening. An innocent “let’s brush our teeth together” can turn into a fight very easily as soon as one sibling accidentally elbows another while brushing. This just prolongs the process of getting ready for school or bed and makes a complete mess out of the bathroom.

You can counter this behaviour by giving your children separate sinks. This way, each child will have their own sink for getting ready and there will be no more delays in getting ready or unnecessary fights. Let’s not forget how stylish and elegant the bathroom will look, too.

3. Hang the towels

It’s very important to actually give your child or children space to hang their towels. If you don’t, they’ll probably end up just randomly setting down a wet towel in the bathroom and making a mess of the place. That’s why having hooks in the bathroom is essential. You should definitely have multiple hooks so that more than one towel can be effectively hung.

If your child likes using a robe after they take a bath or shower, definitely install an extra hook. This is an easy hack most parents love because it’s so inexpensive yet so effective. The room looks much tidier and more organized when everything’s in its place and the towels are drying properly. Let’s not forget this simple hack prolongs the life of your towels and doesn’t mess with their quality, too. Just randomly setting down a wet towel in the room or putting it on the floor is a sure way of inviting mould and grime to the party.

4. Add convenient storage room

When it comes to bathrooms, especially small ones, the storage room is imperative. You need someplace to keep all the things you need for your hygiene, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, clean towels, and even bathroom robes. When it comes to the kids' bathroom you can easily throw rubber duckies and bath toys in the mix. All of these items are rather small and can end up making a real mess in the bathroom if they’re not stored properly.

Instead of opting for bulky bathroom cabinets that close up an already tight space, you should opt for storage baskets. They’re cute, convenient, and don’t take up a lot of space. All you need is a shelf or two and baskets in all colours.

This makes the bathroom more fun and more kid-friendly as it gets rid of the sterile environment most bathrooms are famous for. As well as that, you can easily teach your kids about categorizing their things and putting them in the right places. The best part of storage baskets is that you can add or remove as much as you need at any given moment. Customization and organization are right at your fingertips with creativity and style right in tow.

5. A mirror is necessary

Just like you like looking at yourself in the mirror when you’re getting ready, so does your child. Mirrors in bathrooms are simply a necessity. They’ll allow your kid to pamper themselves fully and get acquainted with their appearance. Getting used to how they look in the mirror and gussying up on their own can give them a valuable confidence boost they’ll carry well into adulthood.

A mirror can also make it easier for your kid to do their hair themselves or match their outfit the way they like. This also teaches them responsibility and independence, as well as giving them space to develop their own tastes and preferences.

On a more practical side of things, a mirror can liven up the bathroom significantly. Mirrors that lean onto walls create a stunning visual effect and make space look bigger than it is. If the bathroom doesn’t have a lot of light in it, you should place the mirror directly against the bathroom window. This way, it will reflect the light and brighten up the space. Making the bathroom more comfortable and kid-kid friendly has never been easier.


As you can see, organizing your kid’s bathroom doesn’t have to give you a headache. If your child is lucky enough to have their own bathroom growing up, you’ll be able to teach them valuable lessons about being responsible and looking after their things. You can help them organize their bathroom and then encourage them to keep the room tidy and clean. With these tips, you’ll even motivate them to actually do the work and make it much easier for yourself to keep the house tidy and clean.

Mia Johnson is a Freelance writer & Fitness Expert From Sydney, Australia