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Before she discovered her passion for teaching students how to play their first instrument, Nicole was pinching pennies in her 20s while singing at dive bars across the country. Nowadays, she spends her days contributing to music blogs, parenting forums, and education websites when she's not providing private music lessons. She finds joy in sharing her insight with musicians, fellow teachers, and parents of musicians-in-training!

New At-Home Learning Routine
  The effects of coronavirus have left many parents at home in the role of Mom or Dad, and now, also the Teacher. Many schools have initiated virtual learning at-home with shortened periods of learning online, where only certain subjects are covered. One thing that has been lost and won’t be used in many at-home learning curriculums is music class and musical education. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and cut-backs that require only the “core” studies within the curriculums, music has fallen by the wayside. 
Life Skills Through Pet Ownership
  Can owning a pet teach your child about responsibility? The answer is a resounding yes! And, pet ownership provides a variety of other learning opportunities, too. The best way to reinforce skills is through practice and repetition, and having a pet teaches your child to be responsible on a daily basis. 
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