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Tara Heath is a journalist who lives in California. She has a passion for health, parenting and education. She has a soft spot for children and the elderly and volunteers for numerous children and elderly functions. 

Ahhh… the good old Madonna/Whore dilemma. When teens put out, they’re labeled as promiscuous, easy, and slutty. And if they don’t, they’re a prude, no fun, and frigid. A recent study even confirms it! So why do teens sext? And how can we help them make good choices? Image Courtesy of Shutterstock
If you have a young child, you might have already noticed that a lot of their friends are starting to get cell phones, and if that’s the case your kid is probably starting to put the pressure on you to get one for them. Before you give in and give your kid a phone, it’s important to set some ground rules. Making the Rules
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