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Ignore Your Kids

Yes, you read that right.  I have spent 18 years ignoring my kids.

• I ignored my kid when he was picking his nose at the Kindergarten graduation while standing right next to the podium
• I ignored the piles of pizza boxes, dirty napkins and soda cups littering the floor after the 10-kid sleepover
• I ignored the $2000.00 on iTunes charged to my Visa card (well, I didn’t actually ignore that one but…)
• I ignored the rolled eyes, stuck out tongues and gagging sounds when I served vegetables at the dinner table
• I ignored the undone chores, the tantrums and the threats of bodily harm bantered between siblings

The best thing I have ever done has been to ignore my kids.  When I think about the days I have spent busily ignoring my children’s behavior, I feel proud.  Proud, you ask!?  Seriously!?

I’ve read all of the parenting books – I mean ALL of them – I have crazy advanced degrees in child development, psychology and education.  But the one thing I know that I have never read or been taught is the #1 thing I tell parents that I most strongly believe –
I believe that parents should ignore most of the stuff their kids do, but that they should pay attention to the quality of their character 100% of the time.

Character is infinitely more important than nasal habits, trashed basements, always balanced diets and perfect behavior.  Character is the foundation of your family – and your child’s character is the foundation of their future family!  Your actions today are quite literally changing tomorrow.  That’s not something to ignore!

I would love to know what you believe about parenting and about your family!  Share your thoughts with me below – I read all of your comments and I want us to share our wisdom!

Be Wise!

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The Wise Family

Amy Fortney Parks describes herself as a life-long educator, a passionate psychologist, speaker, parent coach, and often stressed-out, but mostly happy, mom of four!  She is the Executive Director of WISE Mind Solutions, LLC, a Northern Virginia-based practice focused on children, teens and families.  She is also the owner of The Wise Family – a comprehensive brand for kids and parents designed to inspire, educate and energize families! Amy Fortney Parks brings with her over 25 years of experience working with children, adolescents and families as both an educator and psychologist.  She is a passionate “BRAIN – trainer” and strives to help everyone she works with understand how their own unique brain works!