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5 Unknown Facts About First Time Mom That Is Natural To Occur!

mom with newborn

Being a mom is the most amazing feeling on earth. This feeling can’t be matched with any other and can’t even be expressed. Especially for the women who have become first time moms.

There are various gifts for a new mom that can make the new journey a bit smoother and easier.

However, every coin has two sides, and it is necessary to recognize both sides in order to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Women often talk about the positive feelings they experience during or post-pregnancy. But what about the other feelings a woman experiences that are life-altering? As a first time mom, you must be aware of the symptoms of postpartum depression.

Keeping this thought in mind, we present to you some untruth facts about the first mom to make your lady aware of certain things.

  1. Feeling of disconnection

For a newly mom, the pregnancy period is a time when they go through the thick and thin times of their life. Even an image of your unborn child is created in your mind.

But giving birth is not always a pleasant experience, especially for a new mom. As a mother who has just given birth, you may feel distress as a result of your ordeal. The feeling is so strong that you don’t feel connected to your child at first.

It's normal to have this feeling for your baby during the first few weeks because it brings back all of your memories, pain, and trauma. So, never judge yourself for having such a feeling; it’s natural, and over time, your mind changes. It's not just you; there are many women who feel in the same manner.

Sometimes the things we go through are so harsh, stressful, and full of agony that, when they are actually in our lives, we don’t feel the same about them. It’s normal to have this thought as a first-time mom.

Feeling better to know this fact now?

  1. Having insomnia days

Newborns sleep 20 hours a day! Yes, they do, but they also awaken after 2-3 hours. Basically, they sleep with their mini-interval breaks.

In the first month or two, the lack of sleep is normal. You have just become a mom, and the sleep routine is not what you were used to. Having an all-day exhausting feeling is natural because you are not getting enough sleep, which requires a minimum of 8 hours.

A new mom wouldn't get enough sleep because she had to take care of her child. The best advice you can get is to power through it. Just a month, and your baby will start sleeping for 5 hours straight, which will make time for your sleep cycle.

Dream feeding is also something you can try that will keep your infant asleep for longer periods of time.

  1. Ask for help when you require

For a first-time mom, things are exciting in the beginning. You want to do everything on your own and handle the work all by yourself. This positive thought of taking care of the baby on your own is appreciated, but sometimes you require help.

Being a mom is hard. There are numerous responsibilities that must be attended to while raising a child. Being stubborn and thinking you can do everything on your own could lead to physical and health problems.

Seeking help is something that is normal to do, especially when you know how much your body can take care of certain things. Even if your surgery went well without any complications, a proper amount of rest is required.

Don’t say “no” to any help that others are offering you, whether it's a simple task like folding clothes or making dinner. It’s okay to ask for help when you need it because, at the end, your body desires a small vacation for itself.

  1. Consider your intuitions

A small mom's tip that a first-time mom needs to know is that “a mother’s instinct is always right!” Always listen to what your instincts say. You have kept them for nine months in your womb. You know them, feed them, kiss them, and talk to them.

They are someone who was attached even before it came to earth. Every expression and movement your child makes belongs to you.

Take advice from other moms; listen to them. The things might work for you or maybe they will not, but you know as a mother what is most essential for your baby.

The gut feeling that a mother has when it comes to their child has always been put forward and considered for some reaction.

So, listen to your instinct!

  1. Take some time off

This point is something that a first time mom needs to pay extra attention to. When you become a new mom, you’ll see yourself anticipating moments that you share with your newborn.

But one thing you forget is that you too need some leisure time. You are not a bad or horrible mother for having the idea of taking some time off from the baby. You love them, but a person needs to have their own relaxing time to increase their efficiency.

It’s natural to feel this way when you already have a lot on your plate lately. Many women say they have lost themselves in order to become moms. You know what exactly you have to do? Balance your own life with other things.

Take breaks, have your own routine, grow on your terms, and be productive for yourself. Once you achieve this thought that it’s normal to take breaks, you become a different person who is clear in mind.

Some Extra Mom To Be Tips

One thing you always have to remember as a mother is that, at the end of the day, you are just a normal human being. You can also feel some things that are not in your favor but are completely normal to perceive.

The facts given above are just a few points that can be pinned, but as a first-time mom, I know that there are numerous feelings that women get when they become moms. The only thing you have to keep in mind and say to yourself is, “It’s okay to feel this way.”

Once you have this thought and come up with the solution for yourself, you are good to go. A person can keep their surroundings happening if they are happy within themselves.

The postpartum effects are feelings that every woman should be open to and must talk about. Keep up with the instinct and feeling you have and tell yourself that this is natural and normal.

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