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As the Holidays are rapidly approaching, parents are busy putting up decorations, preparing for family gatherings, and attending school activities. However, this is a wonderful time of year to teach kids the importance of lending a helping hand to those less fortunate. Parents can find venues for volunteering in their local communities, such as: food banks, soup kitchens, or a charity for a struggling neighbor. Here are some tips to help parents:1. Help Others
graduation diplomas
Many high school students have returned to school and should now begin researching which colleges are a good fit for them. Selecting a college can seem like an overwhelming task because of so many variables.  Students will have to determine which college has academic programs that interest them, are the desired size and location, and offer a good financial aid package.  Parents can encourage this arduous process by being well informed about colleges, keeping track of paperwork, and providing support. Here are some tips for parents to help their students select the right college:
In a couple weeks, many students will be heading back to the classroom. Beginning a new school year can cause unsettling emotions for students if they are switching schools, starting a new grade level or have academic concerns. Preparing students beforehand to eliminate as many elements of surprise or the unknown is a key to help them be happy and positive about beginning the school year--regardless of their age. Here are some tips to help make an easier transition for your child’s New School Year:
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