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Fun Family Night Time Ideas

Fun Family Night Time Ideas

The modern day of age that we are living in does not really allow for kids and parents to create a close bond as in the past. When we were young, we did not have many things given to us, like the interest or mobile phones, so we had to come up with things to entertain ourselves. But sometimes this was harder than you might think, so family activities were really in fashion. I remember doing lots of different things with my family when I was a kid and still cherish those memories. Me and my sister would sit on our onesies and would play with mum and dad before we get all tuckered out and until it was time to go to bed. This resulted in a much closer bond between me and my family. But are the kids today doing the same kind of things? Probably not, but in my opinion, they should be. So here are a 6 fun night time activities that you can do with your kids today. Put on your stitch onesie (check out or funny baby onesies if you have small kids and have fun! 

Cook a Special Meal Together

Probably the easiest way to start would be to cook a meal together with your family. If this proves to be successful, it can even become a regular thing for your family. The important thing is that you plan everything well and that everybody gets to participate. The fun will come on its own. You can decide first on a dish that you are trying to prepare. Make sure that it is something that everyone will like. Get all the ingredients you need and divide the chores between each other. The kids can help set the table, while mum and dad get to do all the cooking and slicing. But be sure to include the kids in the very process of making the dish. They will enjoy it and will learn something as well. Don’t forget the dessert for the end.

Movie Night With the Kids

What better way to have fun with your kids than to watch a movie together. This is an old-fashioned activity that never seems to fail. If you have a good home theater installed, you are already halfway there. But make sure to set the mood before starting the movie. Dim the lights and get some snacks. Everybody should be nice and cozy before you start the movie and then the fun will begin. You might also remember to pick the movie tougher as a family as well. But also, try to be lenient on the kids if they would rather watch Pixar movies instead of Horror flicks. And remember, never start the movie before making popcorn! They need to be hot and fresh.

Art Night

Allowing your kids the flourish in a way which bolsters their creativity will make them into better individuals. Expressing yourself through art is very important and you’ll never know if somebody in your household is the next Picasso. Either way, once a week try to set up an art night with your family. If you yourself are artistic it really helps as you can lead and help your kids and allow them to have fun. But it works even if you are not. The point is to have fun and everybody should try and participate as much as they can. You can draw, you can paint, and you can even make sculptures. But try to change from time to time so your kids get to experience different art forms. It will stimulate them more and allow them to find something that they like. One thing to remember - the messier the better!

Family Board Game Night

A board game night is a great break from the monitor of a computer and simply playing a game the old-fashioned way. Many kids today don’t really know what board games actually are. They are so used to online games and computer games that they never got really interested into playing board games with their friends or siblings. This is a perfect way to introduce your kids to board games as a family activity will most likely attract them to play. You can change the kind of game you are playing every week. Sometimes you can decide together and even keep score to see who the best at playing it is. The fun will never stop and your kids will get to experience a whole new world away from the computer screen that they never thought existed.

Play a Sport Together

Physical fitness and exercise is pretty important and very healthy for a child’s development. So it comes as a great idea as one of the activities that you can do together as a family. While the kids are little you can teach them how to play certain sports and that way get them interested. When they grow up a bit, they might choose a sport that they want to get involved in and that way have fun together with their parents. They can show off their newest abilities that they have learned at practice and the parents will enjoy being alongside their kids. Try with an ease sport first that everyone can enjoy or change the activity every week.

Make a Jigsaw Puzzle Together

Now this is a stimulating idea and probably a lost craft to some. But making a jigsaw puzzle brings back a lot of memories when we were little so it would be great to introduce it to your kids as well. If your kids are visual this will be a very good activity for them. They might enjoy solving a big puzzle together with their parents and you will in turn like being with your kids and help them understand how things work there. It is an activity that everyone should try and something that will benefit your kids’ mental ability in the future.