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Inspiring Nursery Decor Ideas

A nicely decorated functional nursery is a safe haven for both parents and babies. Since it will be the room in which a baby will grow and spend most of the time, it's imperative that you decorate it properly to make sure your baby is comfortable spending time in the nursery. Not only should you pay attention to the colour scheme, but think about the furniture you want to invest in as well as a few other important issues that will help you decorate the perfect baby room.


The first thing you should have in mind when you start putting together the perfect nursery is the colour scheme you want to go with. If you’re familiar with the sex of the baby, choosing the favourite colour palette will be much easier. Think about soft pastel tones, instead of bright hues. Baby pink, with the touch of white is always an excellent choice for a girls' room, as well as the combination of light grey and soft pink. When it comes to boys' room, you can incorporate light blue and white for the serene yet gorgeous decor. Furthermore, you could also pick a certain theme and base your colour choice around it. All about white theme will offer you clean and polished look that never goes out of style. If you want to avoid that too bright a feel, add pastel green tones if you’re having a boy, and go for white walls, and dressers, but get a pastel green rug, and changing table, as well as some personalized art or wall decorations in the same tones.


Depending on the size of the nursery, placing furniture can sometimes be a challenge. Everything from a crib, to the dresses, a rocking chair and other smaller items must find their place in the room giving you a good access to every little corner. What’s more, think practical and functional, and invest in the furniture that will last for a long time, so you could use it even when the baby is all grown up. Also, consider getting wooden furniture and think in terms of natural upholstery fabrics as well. Investing in a dresser and a simple pad is a much better choice than splurging on a changing table. You won't always rush to the nursery to change a diaper, so having a mobile pad will come in handier. What's more, the dresser is perfect for children's clothes no matter how big they are, and a changing table will have its expiration date.

Organization and storage

Only an organized and clutter-free nursery is the best nursery. Avoid tripping over toys, or knocked down baby supplies, and keep everything neat and stored in drawers, baskets or on shelves. Colorful kid’s storage hamper is a great option for storing laundry, toys and other baby items. You can also use dividers in the drawers to keep diapers separated from wet wipes and creams, powders and the rest of the supplies. Wooden crates both look stylish and you can store various toys, books and stuffed animals inside. Also, don’t neglect the space under the crib. This is especially important if the nursery is tiny, and you need every inch used wisely. Extra diapers, wipes, and other toiletries and essential can easily fin in plastic boxes that you will store below the crib.

Decorating a nursery can both be exciting and daunting, but with a couple of handy ideas, it'll eventually be a true delight. Just keep in mind that your baby needs an airy, clean and serene place to grow well and healthy. Use soft colours, invest in sturdy and comfortable furniture, and organize a clutter-free and modern nursery.