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Ways to Help Your Child Focus and Concentrate

how to Help Your Child Focus and Concentrate


Parents usually start noticing focus and concentration deficit when the school starts. This often happens when parents receive a call from the teacher or simply see that their child is struggling with their homework. There are children that focus harder than others, because their attention is moving quickly from one point to another, usually more interesting one. Unfortunately, there is no magic potion to strengthen your child’s concentration, but there are certainly some useful tricks and tips that will help you work on it. Try some of these tips and help your child improve their focus.

Color me, please

People usually think that coloring books are only invented to occupy your child for a certain amount of time. However, did you know that coloring helps improve your child’s skills? When children take crayons and coloring books, they immediately recognize shapes, lines, and patterns. The same moment they recognize shapes and patterns, they focus on borders and coloring inside of them. They are exposed to different colors and this gives them a large number of choices when it comes to color combinations. It doesn’t matter if a child goes over the borders, as long as they develop a  hand-eye coordination, which has many benefits.

Try and beat the time

Kids love to compete and race. This is simply in their nature and you can always use this to your advantage. The first thing you need to do is put together a few tasks for your child. You will need a timer set, so they can try and beat it. As psychologists suggest, a child can concentrate on one activity for about one minute per year of age. Please bear in mind that this is just a simple guideline, and exceptions are always possible. Consider that sometimes setting a shorter period of time can help them focus better and harder.

The crosswords

Studies have shown that children who daily practice completing crossword puzzles can improve their focus and concentration. In this way, they develop their brain skills and brainstorm actively, and all of this helps their focus tremendously. Considering the fact that they have so much fun when they do crosswords, we can say that they are putting this time to good use. It is even better if they have a grown-up by their side to help them out with harder questions. It is important to steer them towards the right answer because this is the best way to work on their memory and concentration, which will eventually give good results in school.

Support is important

Believe it or not, the system of encouragement and support is very important for kids. Children are very observant and they can easily tell when something is wrong. Make sure you give your best to understand and support your children. This will mean a lot to them, just knowing that you are there for them and you are not judging them. It will make your children feel safe which can eventually lead to better results in school. Always offer words of recognition, so your child can feel worthy.

Music is power

Parents – please understand that music can help your child focus and improve their concentration. This kind of therapy boosts self-control. You can easily incorporate this type of therapeutic assistance into your kid’s day-to-day activities - it is completely free, and we are sure this is music to your ears. As neurologist Oliver Sacks stated nothing can activate the brain as well as music can. You can easily help your child by getting some in ear headphones, so they can focus on the music.

With all of this being said, it is also important to mention how sleeping deficit can affect a child’s ability to focus. Many studies show that good sleeping patterns are extremely important for children. A good night’s rest helps children with their cognitive abilities and their focus, which eventually makes them happier. So, enforce good sleeping habits on time. Unfortunately, there’s no magic trick that will improve your child’s concentration over night, but you can pay attention to details and make sure you help your child any way you can.