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My Wife's Love of Coffee

My wife is a coffee drinker. For years, now, I have been making her a cup of coffee each morning, before she heads out to work.  Many times in the evening, she caps her long, exhausting day with another cup of coffee.  While my wife is Australian, she is like many Americans; she loves a good cup, she often tells me.

This past Christmas, she asked for a coffee maker.  Not just any coffee maker, mind you.  She wanted a fancy one; one that made espressos.    As I am a coffee novice, I had to read up and figure out just what an espresso was.   Little did I know that there are many different types of espressos.    From Cappuccinos to Machiattos to Mochachinos, there apparently is a wide range of espressos to choose from.

Now, for years, apparently I have been ordering my wife various forms of espressos and was not even aware of it.   I believe her love for espressos began when she first started visiting coffee shops.  As our family enjoys the love of travel, we have visited coffee shops throughout the United States, as well as our visits to both Australia and across Europe.  To be sure, the rise in popularity of coffee shops has grown at an amazing speed, both here in the United States, and across the globe.  In fact, according to one report, Americans are spending more money than ever before on all things coffee.  Whether it is a coffee machine or coffee and coffee related drinks, Americans spent an astounding 11.9 billion (with a B!) dollars in 2014 on all things coffee.

My coffee loving wife recently referred to herself recently as a “Fancy Creation Consumer.”  When I questioned him just what that was, he informed me that it was the category of coffee drinker that she fell in to.   It seems that she is not alone.

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