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Different Parenting Styles: Find What Works For Your Family


At Kids in the House, we work to provide the most comprehensive, up to date parenting advice to help you give your child the best upbringing possible. With over 450 experts and parents contributing, you’ll find information on the parenting style that suits your family’s needs, as well as many others.

Below is a curated list of some of our featured parenting styles.

1. Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting aims to fulfill a child's need for emotional intimacy and bonding from birth to six years old so that the child does not become preoccupied with needing that kind of attachment to their parent. Each year of life coincides with a new stage of attachment which the parents must nurture, until year six when the child will feel secure enough to branch out from the parent physically.

2. RIE Parenting

RIE, or Resources for Infant Educarers, is a style of parenting that believes babies should be viewed and treated as unique human beings, instead of objects. Developed by infant specialist Magda Gerber, it instructs parents to involve the baby in his or her own caregiving in order to create a safe environment and promote trust in his or her competence.

3. Minimalist Parenting

You can’t minimize the role of the parent, but you can take a minimalist approach to that role. The Minimalist parenting style encourages parents to embrace the fact that there are certain things that matter to you, as well as those that don't. Minimalist parents realize that there are some activities they do not enjoy or value, and decide to cut back on these in order to make time for those aspects of life they do care about.

4. Free Range Parenting

Free Range Parenting is the philosophy that giving your child independence will only spur more independence. Parents who follow this approach give freedoms based on their child developmental stage in the hope of establishing self-reliance.

5. Zero Waste Organic Parenting

The Zero Waste parenting style encompasses a family’s entire lifestyle. Much as the name sounds, it focuses on a system of five R’s that work to cut down on the physical clutter in your life so that you have the physical and mental space for what really matters most: family time.

6. Simple Parenting

Don’t be fooled! This is not to say that any approach to parenting can be completely simple, but it can be less complicated. The Simple parenting style is about organizing your family’s goals and priorities through the use of a family purpose statement and conversation to help simplify your day to day routines. Becoming a Simple parent is about letting go of the activities and items that don’t help you and your family accomplish your goals or solidify what you stand for.

7. Elimination Communication

This method of parenting focuses on potty training your child from birth instead of relying on traditional disposable diapers. Parents must be vigilant and intuitive in order to pick up on their baby’s signals that they need to eliminate wastes. When the parent gets the cue from their baby that they need to “go,” they carefully position him or her over a toilet or sink.


Whichever parenting style is used in your household, Kids in the House offers a diverse range of research-backed resources to support the healthy growth and development of your children.


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