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5 Tips For Decorating When You Have Kids

decor painting with kids

The conception of home décor changes when you have kids because you need to take into consideration all the factors that didn’t really matter before such as child-proofing kitchen cabinets and locking the pantry and fridge. Kids are a big responsibility and any house with children needs to reflect that. However, as a grown-up you still want your home to look and feel nice with all the comforts you are used to. Here are a few tips for decorating when you have kids in the house. 

1. Covers And Easy-Clean Furniture Solutions

Everyone knows children make a lot of mess so if you have spent a lot on great dining chairs and living room couches, it will only be a matter of time before they are stained with crayons, food, or liquid spills. Invest in some furniture covers such as chair and couch covers that can easily be unzipped and thrown in the wash with some stain remover from time to time. Covers will protect your beautiful furniture underneath and you won’t have to spend on updating the upholstery very often. 

Whenever you buy furniture always opt for fabrics and materials that are easily cleaned and do not stain a lot such as leather. Washable and durable fabrics for cushions and table mats are also a good idea if your children are very young. If you have a beautiful fur rug, you may consider using it as a tapestry or on a high-rise area in your home where children cannot reach it. 

2. Adaptable Storage

Any house with children needs considerable storage space for all their supplies such as toys, clothing, and devices. When planning your home décor, consider fun, adaptable storage options that can accommodate your children’s growing needs. You don’t even need to spend a lot as reclaimed wood and furniture are cheaper as is upcycled furniture that has been repurposed from something else into a cabinet or a cupboard. You can even have a fun DIY weekend with your children where you paint your new furniture bright colors that excite their imagination. 

3. Educational Décor

Children are always absorbing their environment and are in a constant state of learning so consider educational wall art or other décor elements that can teach your kids a valuable lesson. A living room table in the design of a chess board for example can be very inviting for entertaining and educational board games. Encouraging your children to make pet portraits of beloved deceased pets or having them made by a professional can be a valuable lesson in empathy as well as dealing with life’s challenges. 

Buy and put up a pinboard where children can collect mementos like stamps, ticket stubs, or cut-outs from the newspaper or magazines to look back upon. This can also be where they hang their schedules for the day or where you can instruct them about chore lists and how to mark out productivity blocks in the day. Organization and scheduling are vital skills that should be taught as early as possible. 

4. Create A Play Pen Or Area

Depending on how young your kids are, you may want to consider marking out an area for most of their playing. Boundaries are important when raising children so that they know they cannot create a mess anywhere they like. Using plastic emulsion paint on the walls of the playroom for example means you can erase and wash off stains of little hands and art supplies. Make the play area beautiful with a custom house painting or frame the art your children create, it will show them you appreciate their efforts. 

Install some storage solutions in the play area too or have a toy trunk so that your kids can cultivate the habit of cleaning after themselves once they are done with their playing. Having a mini bookshelf for their storybooks can help foster the love of knowledge in them from an early age which will undoubtedly bring them joy for the rest of their lives. 

5. Utilize Height Wherever Possible

You may have collector’s items such as porcelain figurines, crystals, or bone china in your home that you don’t want within reach of your children but at the same time cannot put into storage. Install high shelving to display such items but have some residential roofers professionally evaluate your roof for leaks and damage beforehand. You can also use glass cupboards that are tall and can be locked so that your beautiful items are always on display but still safe from children who are unaware of their value.