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6 Questions for Parents to Ask When Renting a Bounce House

Renting a Bounce House

Having a bounce house at a birthday party can make the event feel a lot more exciting. With that said, this isn't something that parents will want to rush into. Instead, it's better to ask a few questions so that you can avoid having problems with your bounce house rental. 

Can Adults Use the Bounce House? 

Usually, a bounce house will have some sort of weight limit. In many cases, people that are over a certain weight won't be able to safely jump around. You'll want to make sure that you're aware of these restrictions before renting.

This information is usually included in the fine print of your contract, but you may not be informed of these restrictions up front. That's why you'll want to ask these kinds of questions ahead of time. This is information that's important to have!

How Many Children Can Use the Bounce House at Once?

Kids love bounce houses. It's likely that all of the children that are attending your party will want to have a chance to jump around. However, if you allow every child to play inside the bounce house, it could wind up leading to injuries.

Instead, you'll want to check to see how many kids can use the bounce house at the same time. In some cases, you may only be able to let one child bounce at once. Make sure you're familiar with these limits so that you'll be able to follow them.

When Will the Bounce House Be Delivered? When Will it Be Picked Up?

When you're planning your party, you'll need to take the bounce house into consideration. You'll want to know when it will be brought to you and how long it will take for everything to be set up. You should make sure that the kids at the party will be able to use the bounce house at the appropriate time.

You'll also want to ask about when the bounce house is going to be picked up. If the pick up time will happen before the end of the party, you'll want to be aware of that. Make sure that the delivery and pickup won't get in the way of the party schedule.

What Types of Bounce Houses are Available?

Not all bounce houses are the same. In fact, there are all kinds of options that are available to rent. There are bright and colorful bounce houses in primary shades. There are bounce houses that are made to look like castles and even options that resemble beloved characters are creatures.

Since every child has their own tastes, you'll want to be aware of all of your different options. Once you know what your choices are, you can select the option that your child will love the most.

What Can Keep Me From Getting My Deposit Back?

When you rent a bounce house, the rental company may ask you to provide a security deposit, or ask for a credit card to possibly charge for damages. In most cases, any deposit will be refunded after you pick the bounce house up. However, there are certain things that can keep you from getting that money back.

You'll want to know exactly what can prevent you from having your deposit refunded. Deposits can be fairly large, which is why you won't want to take any risks. Make sure that your deposit will be refunded in full.

What Else Is Provided?

When you rent your bounce house, what else will you receive? Will you receive any protective gear that the children can wear when they're using the bounce house? Will there be someone on hand that can supervise the bounce house and ensure that it is used safely?

Not all rental companies offer the same kinds of things, which is why it can be smart to ask about these things ahead of time. Get more information about how your rental will work. If there is anything you'll have to pay extra for, you'll want to make sure you know about it.


Renting a bounce house can be a lot of fun, but it's best to ask lots of questions before you commit to a rental. Get plenty of information and make sure that you're happy with what you rent. These questions can help you to avoid issues and have a better experience overall.