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7 Genius, Time-Saving Ways to Promote Your Business When You Have a Family

Car Promottion for Your Business

For most people, finding a balance between their career and their personal life is an ongoing struggle — especially when it comes to raising a family. One of the most important steps in building a successful business is letting people know about it. So take it upon yourself to let people know how great your products or services are. You can do this on your own or by enlisting the help of others.

Nowadays, creating your own website and developing a good marketing strategy are major steps in promoting your business, and it doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. There are plenty of ways to promote your business without blowing your budget or taking excess time away from family activities. For example, according to Welcome Wagon reviews, you can work with the Welcome Wagon marketing company to find an affordable and effective marketing campaign to reach new customers, which fits your budget. Here are some other options:

1. Plug Your Business When You Communicate or Network with Others

Take full advantage of every opportunity to promote yourself and your business. This means going beyond simply doling out business cards. Go the extra mile by adding your logo, business name and company info to your email signature. Use mass email service to send out bulk email campaigns. If you are sending out any sort of mail or packages use branded letterhead or include something recognizably “you” in the package. Make sure you are visible on review sites if you are selling any products or services. SoPicky Best Reviews is a good site for extra exposure. 

2. Let Social Media Work For You

If you haven’t already, get a business account going on the big social media sites. Depending on your business, some platforms may work better than others for you. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer great ways to share deals, new products and services, and make customers aware of events and business updates. Not only can you share organic content, but you can kick-start your marketing by investing in pay-per-click advertising on these platforms as well. These days, just a few dollars can expand your reach by thousands.

3. Team Up and Cross-Promote

Look into developing a partnership with another small business owner and start a cross-promotion campaign. Join forces with related businesses for projects whether it be a special event or promotional giveaway. Working together means twice as much exposure and a whole new audience. Partnering with another business also means twice as much notice.

4. Go Live! Promote Your Business on Air

These days there is a podcast for everything. Don’t be afraid to reach out to hosts and inquire about guest hosting or speaking about your business on their show. Local radio and TV stations may also have similar opportunities for guests. Or you could choose to start your own podcast.

 5. Consider Freebies

There is no denying that everything is better when it's free. In addition to using freebies to self-promote, you can also use them as incentives for new customers and as rewards for loyal ones. You may be thinking, “If I’m giving stuff away for free doesn’t that defeat the purpose?” But giveaways and contests are actually the perfect way to get on a potential customer’s radar and inspire confidence and belief in your brand. So, start thinking up some creative giveaways that will engage your customers and attract new ones. Plus, this can be perfect content for your social media platforms.

6. Be a Walking Billboard

Your entire wardrobe doesn’t need to be made up of branded outfits. But there’s no harm in rocking your brand while you run errands. Whatever your leisure activities may be, take the opportunity to be your own walking advertisement. It just might spark a question from someone, and from there on, word-of-mouth does the rest. If your kids are involved in afterschool activities, sports or summer camps, look in to sponsoring the groups and get your business on team uniforms. At your next group class, it can’t hurt to ask if you might be able to include your business information on their newsletters — or if you could make your cards or brochures available to other participants. There’s also no harm in leaving your business card in unexpected places, like between the pages of a magazine in a doctor’s office or hair salon. You never know who might pick it up.

7. Wrap Your Car

Many people are in their cars almost every day, and you might be, too. A one-time expense could lead to a long-term promotion that gets your brand and info in front of hundreds or thousands of eyes. A wrap is exactly what it sounds like, a large vinyl graphic or decal that temporarily covers the original paint on your car. If you need to make changes or simply outgrow it, the wrap can be removed and your car will be restored to its original look.

A bonus is that when you engage in all these promotional activities for your business, you’ll be showing your children what it takes to run a successful business — a family business that your children may choose to be a part of one day.