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8 Water Activities for Kids to Keep Them Busy

kayaking with kids

There are so many activities one can do in the water during summer, but sometimes finding one that is just right for your kids can be difficult! 

If you love the water, then you’ll want to get your kids to join you in the fun too! 

There are plenty of water activities for kids out there that will help them learn more about their environment and give them the experience of being outside and active as well. 

In this article, we cover the most exciting water activities that both you and the kids will enjoy. 

8 Must-Try Water Activities for Kids:

Here are eight water activities for kids - whether they’re toddlers or teens - that will keep them entertained and moving, so everyone can enjoy their time at the lake or beach this summer!

  1. Tubing

While tubing might not be as adventurous as a rafting trip, it is one of those water activities that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Of course, tubing has its risks: it’s a simple sport that can put you in contact with rapids and turns at relatively low speeds. 

That said, tubing doesn’t require any great skill or talent, making it ideal to enjoy water activities with kids. After all, when they’re having fun they won’t notice how sore their arms are from rowing!

  1. Kayaking

Whether you’re trying to introduce your kids to a new sport or just looking for some way to beat summer boredom, putting them in a kayak could be just what you need. 

Many people think of kayaking as a solo endeavor, but these boats are surprisingly easy to use for kids. That’s because they’re stable and maneuverable. Small children won’t tip over or lose control of their craft, even when faced with choppy waters and strong winds.

Even toddlers can manage basic paddling motions, which gives them something constructive to do while mom or dad rows around. Also, those kids who don’t feel like sitting still will be happy to row the boat as long as you let them!

You can find kids kayak recommendations here to carry out the fun water sport with your little ones. 

  1. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is one of those rare water sports that works well for kids and adults alike. Once you’ve got your balance, it’s time to progress on standing up while still in a seated position. 

This helps develop core strength and takes paddleboarding from a restful activity to one that engages the entire body. And remember, the more fun your kids have, the more likely they will want to do it again! 

By engaging in water activities such as paddleboarding with your kids now, they’ll be on their way to a lifetime of safe water sports later.

  1. Sailing

Sailing is a great summer activity because it’s both refreshing and fun. You can spend hours on a boat, enjoying views of land and water. If you have kids, get them involved in your love for sailing. 

This water activity teaches children how to be independent while still having fun with parents, relatives, or friends. Not only will they learn how to sail in a responsible way, but they’ll also be able to enjoy their surroundings more because they’re getting some exercise as well as going outside! 

  1. Swimming

Swimming is a fun and exciting water activity to do with your kids. Not only is it a great exercise, but it can also help build confidence as your child learns to swim! 

Make sure you have proper safety equipment such as flotation devices and life vests before getting in the water. By enrolling in swimming lessons, you are giving your child a very useful skill that will be used at home and out of doors for years to come. 

If you do not know how to swim or have a childproof swimming pool, make sure there is always an adult around when kids are swimming so that there’s always help nearby. 

However, in-ground pools may not offer all the benefits of being in open water.

  1. Canoeing

Getting kids involved in canoeing at a young age is a great way to introduce them to water sports. They’ll love helping propel a boat and feel like they’re steering, even though you’re pulling a cord that runs underneath their seat. 

Canoeing is also a great opportunity to get active outdoors together as a family. With each passing year, your kids will grow bigger and stronger; eventually, they might be able to help you steer or even paddle on their own! 

Grab life jackets and your paddles, pack up some snacks, and get ready for fun on the water.

  1. Water Balloon Fights

On a hot summer day, there’s no better way to cool off than with a water balloon fight with kids. What’s more, it’s easy to set up and can be a ton of fun for any age of kids (even adults too!). 

For an all-out battle, you need a target that's hard to hit, big balloons that don't break easily, elastic bands, and plenty of balloons per participant.

Each team should start by tying one end of a piece of elastic band to its balloon supply so that each member has a different length of a rubber band. The shorter your band, the farther away you have to throw. 

  1. Water Skiing/ Wakeboarding

Children usually start to learn how to waterski around age 7 or 8, when they are old enough to grasp a rope and stand on water skis. 

Young children must learn with adults supervising them since falls are common (and painful) at first. 

For more experienced kids, wakeboarding is another fun activity that also builds balance and coordination skills. 

Final Thoughts

Getting kids to swim and participating in water activities are great ways to keep them physically active. Swimming, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and sailing are several ways you can keep kids active in the water. 

When you take time to experience these activities with your children, it’s not only fun. It also helps build their self-confidence and strength. 

Use these 8 water activities for kids as inspiration for a day out on or around water. Get off the dry land and enjoy being in the water!