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A Guide On How To Plan For A Family Skiing Holiday

Family Skiing Holiday

When planning on a skiing holiday for your family, there are a lot of factors that you should consider. You should not just focus on your destination. This post will feature practical and useful tips on how you can ensure that you get the best ski holiday for the entire family.

When Should You Plan for A Ski Trip?

The February half-term, Easter holiday, New Year and Christmas season are the most popular skiing periods since they coincide with school holidays but they are also the most expensive. If you are planning to go skiing, it is important to book ahead. If you are planning to go with children that are the pre-ski age, it is best to book for skiing adventures during the low season preferably in January, March and April (with the exception of Easter). During the low season accommodation and travel costs are usually lower. The months of March and April are also warmer and they have longer daylight hours making them ideal periods for skiing with children. You can check out our top 10 ski and winter activities list for some ideas on other things to do as well.

Where Should You Stay When on A Ski Trip?

Consider Booking Space in A Family Ski Hotel. For a group of families planning travelling and planning to ski, a chalet is an ideal accommodation option. In a chalet, you can get a fun-filled week long sleepover for the kids and the best part is that you do not have to worry about spoiling for other skiing enthusiasts. For families who have teenage children, club hotels offer great accommodation options.

Are You Travelling with Kids?

If you are travelling with children, airlines (including those that are inexpensive) are a good travel option. In an airline, you are usually put in the front of the queue and further, airlines can cope well with kids. Most airlines usually have carriages for baby stuff that are offered for free. If you are travelling in a car, ensure that you understand the local laws regarding baby seats and ensure that you order enough seats for the kids. Additionally, you should ensure that your car has snow tires and chains. Learning how to brake while going down a snowy hill with a car full of kids is not really a great idea.

Ensure That You Book for Childcare Services in Advance

Many tour companies and operators usually offer some sort of childcare services such as English-run creches, baby equipment and private nannies. Since the demand for these services is high, you should book well in advance. Some tour operators also offer free babysitting services or entertainment for kids that is supervised. In some accommodation joints, you can also find room listening services offered on a complimentary basis. If you are staying in a big resort, you will find that arranging for babysitting services will be easier.

Ensure You Have the Appropriate Skiing Gear

Acquiring skiing gear and clothes for the entire family can be expensive. If you are skiing for the first time, you should consider finding second hand clothes, borrow from friends or even share. You should ensure that your skiing clothes are water resistant. Do not forget to buy hats, googles, gloves, hats and footwear that is waterproof.

Rent Your Skiing Equipment from Your Resort but Ensure You Book Ahead If You Are Skiing During the Peak Season

You should ensure that you have access to a ski helmet when going for skiing. There are some skiing schools that insist that kids must have a helmet before they are allowed to join ski classes. Helmets are also compulsory in some countries such as Norway and Italy. When choosing a helmet for your kids, ensure that it is snug so that kids can still hear clearly and see on both sides. You should also ensure that your kids have sunglasses and googles that fit together with the helmet they are using.

Before choosing a ski school for your kids, ensure that the instructors speak the native tongue of your kids. Check to see that the instructors who are going to be training your kids can speak English fluently. Additionally, if you want your kids to have fun and learn skiing better, take them to the same class with friends or other kids who are the same age group and nationality. Since ski lessons do not take the entire day, ensure you have a plan on who will supervise your kids if classes end early. When choosing a resort, check the layout of the place beforehand. To find a resort that is serious in helping your kids have a good time, check to see if they offer the ‘magic carpet’ lift. This can help your kids tremendously as they are learning to ski. To find a good resort, do a thorough research on the websites of different resorts, read up on the Ultimate Ski reports and also check piste maps when assessing facilities.

Ensure That You Understand the Limits of Your Kids on Snow

Active kids love winter holidays. However, unlike adults, they are less motivated to endure the cold weather in a foreign location while wearing strange gear. If you are skiing with other families, you may be encouraged to push the limits but ensure that you understand the limits of your kids on the snow. Even if you have paid for the pass, do not force them to ski when they are tired.

Ensure You Get Adequate Protection from Weather Elements

The alpine weather and environment can be a challenge for young children. You should ensure that they are protected from weather elements such as intense sun, extreme cold, brief exposure to snow and the reflection of light from the snow. Trust me, you do not want your kids being unable to use the cute sunglasses you have purchased for them. You should also understand that the high levels of altitude in some results can be problematic for kids. You should also remember that buggies do not work well on ice and snow. As such you should use a backpack or sling. Do not even consider skiing on a board with a rugrat.