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Common Car Accident Injuries You Need to Be Aware Of

neck injury

More and more people have become dependent on owning a car. They use them for school runs and work purposes, social arrangements and vacations. As the numbers increase, so do the accident statistics. Records suggest that every year globally, 50 million people sustain injuries from car accidents. During that time period around 1.3 million people are killed during the incident. 

Whilst some accident victims make a full recovery within weeks or months, others experience long term medical issues. Research discovered that over $380m are spent annually in the U.S. to treat car accident victims. Let’s now take a closer look at the most common injuries people experience from such events. 

Whiplash And Neck Injuries

Whiplash is the most common experience people have after such things as rear-end collisions. Whilst a person’s safety belt may have kept them secure, it will not have protected their head and neck from sudden movements backwards and forwards. The damage sustained by the soft tissues in a person’s neck may not manifest immediately. For one thing, adrenaline frequently masks pain. People who are keen to shrug off minor incidents should be aware that a crash as slow as 15mph can result in someone developing whiplash. 

Whilst people can experience TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint) pain in their jaw for a number of reasons, vehicle collisions are one of the causes. It’s also possible for victims to develop a sprained or swollen neck. There are also recorded cases of people whose vocal cords have become temporarily paralysed. 

Should a person suffer these or other medical complaints because of another driver’s negligence, they may be able to claim compensation. The attorney website is proof that many people go online for free consultations with personal injury lawyers. They want to discover professionals with Avvo ratings and good customer reviews. People also want to know individual lawyers’ specialisms and their years of experience. 

Head And Brain Injuries

When people have heads that are bleeding it can often look worse than it is. In some cases, a person may simply sustain cuts and bruises. At other times, however, broken facial bones or skull fractures can result. 

Internal Bleeds

If there is one reason why everyone should get a medical checkup straight after a road accident, this is it: should they experience a brain bleed this could manifest itself as concussion, or even prove fatal if not treated. It’s possible to sustain a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) when experiencing a heavy blow to the cranium. In the most severe cases, parts of a person’s shattered skull puncture their brain. Some of those who survive end up with long term disabilities such as impaired sight or hearing.

It’s vital that people don’t dismiss their symptoms as being mild concussion. If they feel confused and can’t focus, it could be something more. The same thing applies to sudden memory loss, dizziness or irritability. 

Back Injuries

When it comes to delayed-onset injuries, this is one of the most frequent. This is why people should never accept financial settlements for their legal claims before they have received a full medical diagnosis. 

Should a person experience mild back issues, they may receive sessions of physical therapy (e.g. from a chiropractor). More than a couple of days’ bed rest is usually inadvisable for general back problems. Having said that, more serious injuries can result in people becoming bed-ridden.

Of the recorded car accident injuries related to backs, displaced discs and damaged spinal cords also feature. The latter may result in surgery and  the person being either fully or partially paralysed. 

Arm And Leg Injuries

They can be sustained when people hit the car’s side door with force. People can experience anything from simple bruises to complicated fractures. 

Should their knee be the main focus of impact, a person may have mobility issues until it is resolved. If it had been twisted during the accident, this could result in cartilage issues or a meniscus tear. 

Lost Limbs And Disfigurement

Sometimes peoples’ limbs are completely severed during accidents. Alternatively they become irreparably damaged. Should there be nothing else that a surgeon can do, they may be required to amputate. All someone can do is consider having a synthetic (eg prosthetic) replacement.

When people experience burns they often receive plastic surgery or receive skin grafts. Physical disfigurement usually relates to the face. It will either result from the accident or the subsequent surgery. Whilst the physical suffering can form part of a compensation claim, so can the emotional aspect. 

Broken Bones, Fractures And Chest Injuries

Mild fractures may heal over time, whilst compound fractures will need surgery. Some people experience clean breaks or fractured arms, wrists, ribs and shoulders during car accidents. Others end up with a broken pelvis.

A person’s seatbelt is obviously provided to protect their body. Nonetheless, people can still experience blunt force trauma to their chest. This can result in anything from broken ribs to collapsed lungs. If someone has a pre-existing heart condition, they could be at a higher risk of having a heart attack following the accident.  

Psychological Scarring

It’s an understandable thing for people to become shocked or anxious following an accident. In some cases people become depressed, paranoid or develop PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The latter may include the person avoiding or reacting to cars, or having flashbacks and nightmares. 

As a result, some people receive therapy or join support groups. Doctors often recommend CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help them adjust psychologically. 

Internal Bleeding

This can occur when peoples’ internal organs sustain damage from outside. One possible cause can be flying debris.

As we have now discovered, peoples’ medical injuries can range from the mildest of bruises to permanent disability or even death. Added to that are the emotional scars that people experience. 

People are advised to maintain their vehicles well and to drive responsibly. Should an accident occur, there will hopefully be a medical solution. If the incident happened because of a third party’s negligence, legal action should seriously be considered in order to compensate the victim for the financial costs and suffering involved.