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Differences between receiving blanket vs. swaddle

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As first-time parents, new moms and dads have to struggle with choosing the best accessories for their little bundle of joy. Until this point, you probably wouldn't have even thought about selecting the best type of blanket for your munchkin.

So what’s the actual difference between receiving a blanket vs. swaddle? If you look around for baby accessories on the web, you will frequently encounter these two terms. So if you’re struggling with choosing between blanket vs. swaddle, you’ve come to the right spot.

What is a Receiving Blanket?

If you don’t know, it is a soft blanket that is used during the first year of the baby and beyond too. This piece of cloth is usually prepared from flannel, muslin, or cotton. While looking through the pack online, you will be entitled to 3 to 4 blankets in a single pack. The shape is usually that of a square or a rectangle. On the other hand, the dimensions are usually around 30 by 30 inches.

What is a Swaddle Blanket?

As the name implies, it is a practice of keeping the baby safe and protected. They are prepared for this task, which is why they are often taken to the hospital with the mum who is just about to deliver. They are smaller in size and prepared with closures, winged sides, or even snaps. They are available in a vast array of colors and won't take a big toll on your thought process while selecting one.

Receiving Blanket VS Swaddle

Have you been struggling with receiving blanket vs swaddle? If yes, you’re not alone. Every year, millions of new parents struggle to make the right choice at the right time. So can you use a receiving blanket for swaddling? Yes! They are multipurpose blankets that can be used for a variety of reasons. Because a newborn has to be properly taken care of, swaddling is a major task.

On the other hand, many new moms are concerned if the baby can sleep with a receiving blanket or not, and the answer is yes again. as long as your baby can safely be swaddled, you don't have to worry about anything else. The receiving blankets are used for swaddling, so the baby doesn’t get out of the cloth while asleep. Because many babies tend to change sides during sleep, parents have to be very careful with taking care of them.

So how many blankets do you need? As explained earlier, if you look for any of these blankets, you will eventually find them around 3 to 4 per pack. After all, you need a backup, too, before venturing out on a long journey or taking the flight. This way, you can get rid of a dirty diaper easily. receiving blankets are fairly easy to use as you can throw them away in the laundry too. They will still be soft after you wash them to the fullest. So now is the best time to make your choice and see, how you can take care of your little one.