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Essential Safety Precautions If You Have a Roomba and a Baby in your House

safety precautions baby and roomba

If your child enjoys making messes, such as tossing cornflakes or other goodies on your ground, a Roomba might be an excellent purchase to make your life worry and stress-free. Actually, there are a lot of health benefits of regular vacuuming as it will help in preserving the maximum cleanliness and freshness of your indoor space.

However, if you have a Roomba and toddlers in the house, you have to apply safety precautions to avoid harm and damage. Because after all, it is still beneficial to live in a child-safe home. What then, exactly are the safety precautions you have to apply in your household? Let's talk about them.

Put the Charging Station Out of Your Kids' Sight and Reach

Roomba's charging station must be put up in an accessible location so that the device can easily return when it's done vacuuming or needs extra power. However, if you have a toddler at home, it may be effortless for them to get their hands on the charging station, particularly if the baby is starting to crawl or move.

Since this is an electronic device, tampering with it can result in electrocution, according to the iRobot instructions. Children enjoy putting items in their mouths or clutching them with their hands, but this causes a serious health risk.

Hence, parents must ensure that the station is out of sight and reach of their children. Make sure it's out of reach of your youngster. You may have to physically lift your Roomba and set it on the charging station, which is kind of inconvenient, but it will be a much wiser idea to avoid an accident involving your baby.

Do Not Let Your Kids Touch the Roomba if They Have Wet Hands

Here is yet another suggestion that may seem obvious. Nevertheless, it can be more difficult to monitor than you might think if you have a youngster crawling or roaming around confidently in the house. The Roomba should never come into touch with any liquid, according to the iRobot instructions, since it causes electric shocks.

If the child has recently cleansed their hands, is sipping milk or water, or is within arm's reach of a beverage, the Roomba may become wet, triggering an electrical shock danger. If there are liquids or moist hands present, keep the Roomba far from the kid. In fact, your youngster should never touch the Roomba, so keep it out of your child's range in all circumstances.

Don't Allow Your Child to Ride on Top of the Roomba Robot Vacuum

Although it may sound obvious, there have been several famous videos of parents letting their children ride on top of a Roomba. However, the iRobot user handbook expressly states that nothing, including a kid, animal, or non-living component, should ever be placed on top of your Roomba, especially when it's in a cleaning mode.

Even though these robots aren't particularly quick, they are prone to colliding with objects such as walls and sharp corners. Not only does this put your toddler at risk of slipping off and injuring their head or other parts of their body, but it also puts them at risk of being scratched or bruised as the Roomba continues to realign itself.

Although it may be amusing for mothers and fathers to watch their kids go for a ride, it may be a frightening activity for toddlers who don't comprehend what's going on since they don't have the full capability and understanding to control their reactions and movements.

Clean up Your Baby's Toys First before You Activate your Roomba

Still, a Roomba is a vacuum cleaner, which implies it catches up with whatever little thing it comes into touch with, including toys. Although your infant mustn't have little-sized toys to begin with since they could be prone to choking, anything that's tiny can get vacuumed up by the Roomba and cause it to clog.

If your youngster or toddler is in the same space as the Roomba, they might observe their favorite toy being attacked by the machine and try to interfere, which can harm your kid as well as the device, specifically if their finger becomes trapped or stuck.

Other Crucial Reminders When Using a Robot Vacuum

  • Ensure that the robot vacuum is unplugged from the wall while cleaning or doing maintenance.

  • When disconnecting the charger wire from your wall, always grasp the plug and never pull it using the wire.

  • Ascertain that all adjustments are performed by qualified experts.

  • If the robotic vacuum or charger is broken in any form, stop using it.

  • Constantly keep your robot vacuum and charger far from moisture and other fluids, and avoid using them in moist conditions.

  • No hot ashes or cigarette remains must be sucked up by your robot vacuum.

  • Don't put your robot vacuum cleaner, charging device, and batteries in a very hot room or a storage area.

  • If candles or desk lights are on the floor, do not use the Roomba. Keep the floor clear of debris, and keep cords out of the vacuum's path.

It's Always Better to Be Safe than Sorry

While the Roomba is a costly device, it might be a beneficial purchase for families that have to clean frequently. However, as previously said, it is extremely crucial to apply precautions to protect yourself and your babies as well.

The Roomba can be dangerous, especially to active toddlers and children, due to the potential of electrical shock and knocking against items. It is, however, quite achievable to prevent harm and lessen the hazards connected with this vacuuming robot by completing the aforesaid safety measures.

Therefore, if you want to be informed about some of the robotic vacuum reviews, you can check out the list that Cleanup-Expert offers. You can see there the top-rated robot vacuums you can purchase to keep your house spotless. Just remember that after purchasing one, always ensure that you’re applying safety precautions so that your kids won’t experience harm.