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Essential Ways to Make Your Smart Home Child-Friendly

home automation child friendly

As a direct result of technological advances, the utility of our houses has substantially increased. On the other side, every parent who shares their house with their children understands that their children's safety and happiness come first. Therefore, you should take the appropriate measures to ensure the well-being of your children when living in a smart home. 

Limit Screen Time on Electronics 

Children will have more fun in any home with gadgets. Children are free to spend the whole day engaged in their favorite hobbies, such as playing their favorite games or watching their favorite television shows. The burden of stopping kids from consuming excessive amounts of entertainment material falls firmly on the shoulders of the child's parents. 

It is almost impossible to exert direct supervision over your children when they use electronic devices such as TVs and gaming systems since you may not always be around. They might play a fast one on you by turning on the TV while you're not there and then turning it off just before you return, so you don't notice. Thus, it is critical to minimize your children's exposure to electronic gadgets. 

Put Kids to Bed with a Regular Schedule 

When you think of a child's bedtime, you usually don't think of smart home technology. After all, sleep doctors recommend avoiding blue light from electronic gadgets in the hours leading up to bedtime. 

Smart home technology for children, on the other hand, may improve sleep quality by maintaining a consistent schedule throughout the evening. When parents are unable to read a child's favorite bedtime story for the third time, smart technology for kids may read aloud children's books. 

Keep Your Kids Secure Day and Night with Smart Locks 

Many children who get home from school before their parents may spend time at home alone with no adult supervision.

Smart locks protect your kids while you are gone. You may use your smartphone and smart lock apps to open and lock doors, giving you peace of mind if your child forgets.
If your children need the presence of a trusted adult, you may arrange your apps to allow trusted friends and family members to enter without using keys. When someone enters or leaves the property, you will receive a push notification.

Maintain Your Home Appliances Regularly

Smart home appliances can make life simpler for us and our children at home, or they may be a nuisance if they break. It is critical to implement maintenance programs, such as a home warranty. To fully understand the home warranty definition, it is a service contract between a homeowner and a home warranty provider that manages repairing or replacing household appliances within a certain period. 

Set Up Virtual Boundaries

Many of us are worried about the content that our children could encounter on the internet. You may configure age-appropriate filters and parental controls on any connected device to ensure that your children only access the websites, programs, and games that you have permitted them to use in your attempt to make your home a safe place for your family. Making virtual boundaries is an important part of creating a secure smart home for your family. As a result, your kids will be less likely to be victims of sexual predators and other threats found on the internet.

Control the Lighting 

We're all aware that blackout shades and lighting control aid with day-to-day activities like movie viewing and energy conservation, and it's no secret that lighting and shade control may help keep intruders at bay, but have you ever considered the impact light has on your daily routine? Consider being able to control the lights and blinds in your home so that they help suggest when it is time to go to bed or when it is time to relax with a nice book. You may also set particular preferences for your children, either to alleviate their fear of the dark or to offer them a little more help in the mornings when they are unable to wake up to an alarm. 

Keep AC Units, Purifiers, and Other Devices Out of Reach 

Smart technology makes it much easier to control operations, check filters, and even monitor air quality in air conditioners, purifiers, diffusers, and other equipment. However, once kids reach the age where they can push buttons, they will continually press such buttons. Keep these devices on a high counter or shelf out of reach to avoid inconvenience as well as any possible issues. 

Train Your Kids to Utilize Voice Assistants 

A key gadget you should consider integrating into your kid-friendly smart home is voice-activated controls, which are becoming increasingly common in today's houses. These voice-control interfaces are easy to use and may provide hours of entertainment for children. Kids, for example, may utilize the Xfinity X1 features to speak into their TV remote or to deliver orders to a smart speaker across the room.