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Feeling Crafty? Here’s How you Upcycle Furniture for your Home

home furniture renovation

Are you feeling crafty? If so, then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you to upcycle the furniture within your home so you can completely transform your space without breaking the bank. Ready to get started?

Choose the Right Piece for your Home

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to upcycle and why. You may have some furniture that is lying around or you may even have some in storage. Sometimes you can find great furniture pieces in charity shops, that would look great if they had a little TLC. Either way, if you do intend on buying some furniture second-hand then you have to think about what it is you want to do with it. If you see a piece you like, take the time to visualize it in your home before you buy it. Making sure that the furniture is structurally sound will help you out a lot here, because if you notice that there is something wrong with it then it may not be fit for purpose. If you are handy with a drill then you should be able to fix just about anything. If you are buying older furniture then look out for any holes that may be present. The main reason why you have to do this is because if it has holes then at some point, it has probably experienced woodworm.  This is the last thing you want to be introducing into your home, so be mindful of that if you can.

Distressed Furniture

Some of the best pieces of furniture for you to upcycle include dressers, cupboards, cabinets and older drawers. Take the time to sand them down before you apply a coat of paint, or even think about using chalk paint. If you use chalk paint then you will not have to prepare the surface as much. When you have taken the time to prepare the piece of your choosing you then need to go over it with some sandpaper. By doing this, you can get that distressed look and it will add some real character to your furniture.  If you want to make this look really work for you then apply a different color as an undercoat. If you feel as though the furniture you have is a little too worn out then you can easily remove the legs of the table, chair or set of drawers and replace them. Using galvanised pipe is always a good option here, as it is strong enough to support almost any furniture type.

A New Lick of Paint

If you do not want to go for the distressed look but you do want to breathe a new lease of life into your furniture then a lick of paint is exactly what you should be focusing on. A gentle sand and a fresh coat of paint can turn even the most worn of furniture pieces into something new and exciting. Make sure that you don’t play it safe with one color either. If you are painting using color then use a different shade for different parts of the furniture. If you do this then you will be able to make it look unique and specific to your home, which will make your effort even more worthwhile.

Stencils Add a Unique Touch

Believe it or not, stencilling is a fantastic way for you to be creative when the time comes for you to upcycle your furniture. You can also add a personal touch to your piece this way too. Stencilling can be daunting so don’t worry if it goes wrong. You can always go over it again if you want, and as always, practice makes perfect. When you use stencils, you may find that it is easier than ever for you to get creative with your furniture and you can also hone your skills when it comes to different crafting methods.


Do you have some curtains or even some sheets that are lying around and collecting dust? Then why not take the time to put them to good use? You can use the fabric that you have around to decorate some of the older chairs you have. You can also buy new fabrics if you want to make any chair look and feel brand-new. You may find that by doing this, you can get a lot of experience with a staple gun and that you also open up a whole new world of creativity for yourself. As you begin to get more experienced with fabric and working with it, you may find that you can then begin to create a toy hammock for your kids, or that you create some cushions for your sofa. Little things like this can drastically transform your home for the better so be mindful of that if you can.

Countertops and Vinyl

If you want to try and transform your kitchen countertops but you are on a budget then why not think about investing in some vinyl? Now it is easier than ever for you to find self-adhesive vinyl and this is ideal if you want to change things up a little. You can line just about anything here, whether it is a tabletop, shelf or even a set of drawers. It’s easy to wipe vinyl clean and it’s super heat resistant too, so you have nothing to worry about there.

It’s the Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference to your furniture. It may be that you replace a door, a dresser or even wardrobe knobs. This is where you can get super creative because you can use anything from door knockers to big keys and more. Remember that the only limit here is your imagination and that if you visit a home improvement store, you can easily find something that fits your requirements.

Use Old Ladders to Create a Unique Bookcase

A bookcase is a great way for you to complement your furniture. It also allows you to free up some space in your cupboards. If you have an old ladder then why not add some shelves? If you can do this, then you will be able to add something creative to your home while also being able to make the most out of the space you have. If you want to make sure that your space is looking great then make sure that the ladders you choose fit in with the current decor you have. If you have a very industrial theme then metal ladders could work well. If you have a country cottage theme then upcycling wooden ladders could be the way to go.

Use Wallpaper

Did you know that most of the nation prefers painted walls to wallpaper? If you want to work around this then you can easily improve your furniture by adding some patterned wallpaper to it. You can wallpaper your shelves or you can wallpaper your bathroom cabinets. You can then varnish over it and add a protective layer of gloss. If you do this enough and if you make sure that each layer has dried properly before adding the next then you will be able to create a durable finish that lasts for years. This is a great way for you to ensure that your home looks fantastic.

Old Jars

Did you know that old jars can be a very good accessory for your home? It doesn’t matter whether you have old candle jars or whether you have some jam jars because they can be a very good way for you to store small things around the home. Add some boiling water to the jars and then make sure that they have cooled completely before you clean them. When they are ready, you can then decorate the jars as you see fit. You can use them to store just about anything, whether it is flowers or even make-up. The great thing about jars is that you can fill them with things that reflect the theme of your home, whether it is sand, feathers or even pine cones. You can also change things up to fit the current season too, so be mindful of that if you can.

Something Unique

There is nothing wrong with getting creative and immersing yourself in a new project. You can create a coffee table out of a suitcase trunk or you can turn a bicycle seat into a chair for your breakfast table. As long as you make sure that the item of your choosing has some structural integrity you should not have any issues at all in making something that looks great.

If you need some more inspiration, then make sure that you check out Pinterest. When you use sites such as this, you will soon find that you can take things to the next level. You can also get ideas for the projects that you are working on right now, so you can make the most out of your crafting venture.