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Five Things You Can Do for a Loved One Who is Getting Surgery

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One of the most vulnerable and dynamic procedures in medicine is surgery. Surgeries range from routine to quite dangerous. They can be both compulsory and elective. When someone you love must go in for surgery, you get worried about them. You might not know what to do. You can’t make the surgery less necessary or, in some cases, desired by the individual, but you can do what you can to make the process a lot easier on them. Whether your significant other, parent, or child is getting surgery, below are five things you can do for a loved one who is getting surgery.

Listen to Them About the Surgery

Whether the person is electing to get cosmetic surgery or is going through a medical scare, one thing you can do to help is listen to them about the surgery. Surgeries are nerve-wracking. They are a bit scary no matter what kind of surgery it is. This is particularly when the person is being put under by anesthetics. There are a lot of nerves when it comes to being put to sleep for surgical procedures. The main thought is, will I ever wake up? Even if the surgery is routine or elective, one of the best things you can do for the person is to listen to them.

Take Them to the Procedure

Another helpful gesture you can make for a person going through surgery is taking them to the hospital. You might not be able to stay during the whole surgery. You simply might not have the time. Depending on when you can see your loved one before and after the surgery, you should plan on being there for them. Taking a person to their procedure helps alleviate some of the stress around the surgery. Driving them to the hospital or staying with them during the duration of their surgery is one of the nicest ways to show up for the person you love.

Pick Them Up from the Hospital

Similarly, you can pick the person up from the hospital. Whether you took them there or not, it’s a nice gesture to pick them up from the hospital when they are discharged. Sometimes, leaving the hospital is a little scary. They might feel weak or unready. It’s always helpful to see a familiar face. Everyone who goes through surgery needs someone to pick them up. Few hospitals and procedures will allow the person to leave on their own. Often, they won’t be able to drive. They might not physically be capable, but they also might not be mentally capable. Picking up your loved one is a great gesture no matter what the procedure.

Visit Them Afterwards

Whether the person is still in the hospital or at home, it’s always a great idea to visit them after surgery. People need to see a friendly face after a procedure. It doesn’t matter whether the surgery was cosmetic or inherently medical, recovery from all types of surgeries can be brutal. It can be difficult to get better quickly. Whether you are going to their house or the hospital, they will appreciate your presence.

Send Them Something

It doesn’t matter if you can visit or not, an additional kind gesture would be to send them something. You can send them flowers, one of their favorite foods, or an aftercare-surgery care package. Whether you’re near or far, it’s a great idea to bring or send the person who has been through surgery something comforting. It will show that you care and that you were thinking about them.

These five things are essential cornerstones of caring for someone who has been through surgery. It doesn’t matter what kind of procedure it is. Everyone needs support to get through a long-lasting surgery. Whether the person is electing to do something cosmetic or their life is at stake, everyone needs a bit of support when they are going under the knife. Some surgeries use powerful anesthetics that put the person to sleep. This is innately nerve-wracking. Depending on how you can show your support, it’s a good idea to be there for the person you love when they are going through surgery.