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Five Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy During Flu Season

Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Fall brings beautiful foliage and crisp air. Unfortunately, it also marks the beginning of flu season. Kids are especially vulnerable to cold and flu during the cold season. This is why you should be extra careful in taking care of your kids during the winter months to keep them healthy. Below we list some tips that you can follow to ensure your kids remain healthy during flu season and to protect them from illnesses.


Direct Them to Wash Hands Frequently and Use Sanitizer

Your kids are exposed to viruses and bacteria every day at home, school and/or daycare. Exposure to these microorganisms can lead to illnesses. The best way to prevent viruses from causing illnesses is simply using soap and water to disinfect hands after bathroom visits, playing outside, petting animals and before snacks and meals. When soap and water aren’t available, children should use a sanitizer to keep their hands germ-free.

Ensure That They Get Plenty of Sleep

During the cold season, make sure that your kids get plenty of sleep. Sleep is important for good health as it can have a major effect on the immune system of your child. Sleep deprivation might weaken the immune system, increasing the risk of diseases.

Give Them Healthy Foods

Providing your kids with a healthy meal gives them the energy to focus and keeps their immune system strong. Your children might not like eating veggies and fruits, but you should encourage them to eat these, especially during the fall season. When your child gets proper vitamins and nutrients, their immune system holds up better against diseases.

Disinfect Your Home and Avoid Sick People

Keep the toilets and countertops clean to reduce the number of viruses and germs in your home. Also make sure to disinfect household surfaces, especially bathrooms and kitchens.

You should also keep your kids away from a family member or friend who is sick as children can easily catch illnesses. Make sure that your kid takes a rest day from school if they are sick as their condition could worsen from attending school.

Get Family Health Insurance

Despite taking all the precautions against the flu, your child can still get sick. When that happens, it pays to have health insurance for the family. Health insurance can serve as a safety net for the unexpected expenses that arise from hospital treatment or chronic illnesses.

If your child gets sick and is admitted at the hospital, your health insurance might cover some or all of the hospital expenses. This is why we recommend getting health insurance for the family. If you are interested in buying coverage for your family, then visit iSelect to compare different policies.

Final Thoughts

Children are vulnerable to illnesses during the fall season. However, you can keep your children healthy during flu season by taking the precautions we have discussed above.