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Free Virtual Baby Shower Backgrounds for Zoom

Baby Shower Backgrounds for Zoom

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought panic to the world hence countries have resulted in using tough measures like social distancing to combat the virus. Social distancing means a whole new world of webcam meetings, video chats, and virtual parties. Sometimes virtual meetings can be a bit dull even if you're talking to your loved ones. If you're using Zoom as your video service platform, there's an easy way to lighten things a bit. Virtual background on Zoom are images that overlay everything in your video except you. If you’re holding a virtual baby shower, these backgrounds come in handy allowing you to have lots of fun and a festive backdrop. Is your apartment messy and you don’t want your shower guests to see? Check out our list of free virtual baby shower backgrounds that will look great at your virtual baby shower.

Printed Texture

For an organic, textured background feature that will invite a natural richness to your video, consider this option. It’s a transformative printed background that’s perfect for a baby shower Zoom background or even lives streaming on other platforms. It merely adds some character to your room without having to build a real brick wall. Whether you want a marble wall, stone wall, textured tapestry, or rustic barn backdrop look, the printed texture is a uniform yet interesting background to add character to your virtual baby shower event. When it comes to printed texture, the options are limitless. It’s often used in interior design for low-cost design upgrades, but it’s also a great way to quickly transform your video calls into something lovely.

Abstract and Minimalist Background

If you want your unique character to shine through your video call, having a smart and subtle background to support you goes a long way. For your virtual baby shower event, go for a contrasting black and white monochrome background, or try a basic two-color system. If you want to keep things clean, start with a white and blank slate that subtly highlights your image in clear shades. Additionally, you can include a horizontal line of text across your background that includes your name in an unusual font.

Dramatic Step and Repeat Pattern

Using the stylistic repetitive and familiar pattern of the step and repeat is great for virtual backgrounds. If you’re not familiar with step and repeat banners, they’re mainly used at large events like Oscars or Grammy Awards, or even luxe events. The name step and repeat come from the red-carpet ritual where celebrities step in front of a backdrop to have their photo taken. The process simply repeats as each celebrity takes his or her turn, hence the name step and repeat. It can help your imagination to develop and enhance the standard style with a complementary background that will look great for your virtual baby shower. This simple but powerful upgrade will add visual interest to your shower guests and leave them wowed. Remember to emphasize clarity and elegance when setting up your background.

Illustrative Banner

As a mother, sometimes you want to communicate your story or send out a message. Using illustrations in your backdrop can easily help circulate that message. When you are video conferencing with your friends and loved ones on your baby shower, this type of wordless communication is powerful. In the internet age, having the right visual appeals to many people. Engaging your shower guests is key in communicating your message. For instance, you may want to tell your motherhood journey, and going for an illustrative background will help to visualize the story in the easiest way possible.

Floral Background

If you are a lover of colorful things, having a floral background for your virtual baby shower will do just fine. There is plenty of floral wallpaper like watercolor, simple floral, massive floral patterns, and so on. For a baby shower event, you want to use a calm and bright background that brings out the happiness and joy of the event; after all, you are celebrating the transition of a woman into a mother. Additionally, you can use a nature-themed floral background which will help to remind you how close to nature you are.

Bright Pop-Art Step and Repeat Pattern

Step and repeat is a simple and basic style with a repetitive pattern. If you want to add some pizazz and it fits with your style, think about adding some fonts and culturally relevant elements. However, this requires you to have your logo. While at this, you can add some simple emojis to complement the overall background. Your shower guests will probably pay more attention to your background than anything else, so make it count.

Visual communication is powerful in this day and age. Keep in mind who your audience is when selecting your virtual background. Implementing the use of a high-quality background will certainly be a way to level up your next video call. On a side note, a virtual baby shower will help you save plenty of money.