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Fun Imaginary Games Kids Can Play on Trampolines


Trampolines make an excellent tool for outdoor or indoor games, turning your ordinary backyard into a place of pure fun and excitement. Kids, most especially school-age children, love fun imaginary games, and you can use a high-quality trampoline to make weekends and summer playtime unforgettable and worth spending.

In this post, you’ll learn some fun imaginary games you can teach kids to play on a trampoline.


Children don’t only love eating popcorn while watching cartoons or movies, but also on trampolines.

Here’s how to play Popcorn:

A player sits at the center of the trampoline with their knees tucked into their chest and arms wrapped around their knees.

The other player jumps and tries to “pop” the popcorn.

When the person at the center is no longer upright, it means that the popcorn player has popped.

Dead Man Rise

Children love to play online games nowadays, but spending hours playing in front of the computer screen or smartphone is not healthy. Give “Plants Vs. Zombies” a nice trampoline version through Dead Man Rise.

Here’s how to play:

This game works well for three to six children, wherein one child sits at the center of the trampoline blindfolded or with eyes closed while counting up to ten out loud.

Do this while the other players shout the following rhyme:

Deadman, come alive,

Come alive at the count of five.


One, two, three, four, five.

The child at the center begins rolling or crawling around to touch someone around the trampoline, and anyone touched should freeze and act as a dead man, too.

The winner would be the last person who is left standing and has not been touched.

Stealthy Ninja

Ninja games are also something children love to play because of the confidence, skills, accuracy, surprise attacks, and bravery of the ninjas as inspired by the Japanese culture. You can instill good character traits through Stealthy Ninja, which is a form of fun-tastic game that children will also love.

Here’s what to do when playing Stealthy Ninja on the trampoline:

Select a person to be the ninja in a group of three to eight people. Other players are blindfolded.

The ninja attempts to knock down the blindfolded players without kicking, punching, or attempting to injure another player.

Once the ninja is knocked down or has fallen, the person who took the ninja down becomes the new ninja.

Don’t Wake My Baby

Babies are close to mothers because of their unconditional love and care. Don’t Wake My Baby is a fun imaginary game that can be played on the trampoline.

Here’s how to play Don’t Wake My Baby:

One player acts as the baby and pretends to be sleeping, and another player will act as the mother. Everyone else is off the trampoline.

The players will attempt to creep and tag the sleeping baby on the trampoline.

The baby guesses who the tagger is with the help of the mother, who will use one adjective to describe the tagger.

If the guess is right, the tagger chooses a mother and becomes the next baby.

Simon Says

This game is another great classic you can turn into a fun trampoline game, perfect for children who want to hone their concentration skills and build up strength.

Here are the rules of Simon Says:

Form a group of three people and one player acts as “Simon.”

Simon tells a series of commands that other players should follow.

All players should repeat “Simon says to do _______” while performing the trick or move. A player is out when the player forgets to say “Simon says,” and the last person standing wins!

Sleeping Bunnies

Sleeping Bunnies is a little trampoline game suitable for toddlers or young children.

Here’s how to play Sleeping Bunnies:

Your little ones pretend to be asleep on the trampoline while you sing, “See my little bunnies sleeping until it’s nearly noon, come let’s wake the bunnies with a merry tune. How are you my little bunny, are you ill?”

Pause, and when the next line is sung, your little ones will wake up and jump.

Continue singing, “Wake up, my little bunnies, and hop! Come and hop, hop, hop! Stop!”

Repeat the Sleeping Bunnies game for the rest of the day.


Trampoline games enable children to have fun and do physical activities for a healthy body. Fun imaginary games on trampolines promote creative thinking, improve motor skills, and enhance social skills. Teach children the value of exercise and meaningful games for a happier childhood and a more successful life and career in the future.