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Give Your Mom the Perfect Gift from a Distance

Gift from a Distance

Visiting your Mother during Christmas is something we all look forward to. However this year, it may prove more difficult if travel limitations remain.

But you can still send your mom the perfect gift from a distance, something that will make her happy and flood your Facebook with old photos from when you were “a precious little baby” and other embarrassing things.

So, what are some of the perfect gifts you can send your mother?

A creative handmade card

You likely haven’t given your mother a handmade card since you were in elementary school, and she likely still has it in a box somewhere. So dig into your creative side and send her a new one! Bonus points if you use crayons and construction paper (I jest, but that may be kind of funny).

As for delivering it to your mother, this next part will blow your mind. Apparently, even though we live in a world of instant messaging, this thing called the “post office” still operates and delivers things to people’s mailboxes. Utterly baffling, I know.

A bouquet of flowers

Few gestures are more sentimental than giving flowers, and so it stands to reason that your mother would really love it if you sent her some flowers (maybe with that handmade card).

You have a lot of options to choose from when sending flowers, and floral shops like Bouqs can offer a stunning selection of roses or other flowers in beautiful arrangements that will bring a tear to your mother’s eye.

Some handmade crafted jewelry

For some reason, some mothers really love handmade crafts. The kitschier the better, it seems. If that describes your mother, why not browse an online store for handmade crafts, like Etsy or Amazon Handmade?

Pre-Pay For A Relaxing Beauty Treatment

You probably won't have the option to go with your mother to the spa, yet you can still get her favorite treatment, regardless of whether it's a nail trim, pedicure, facial, or a massage. Simply book an arrangement with a day spa, and pay ahead of time for her services.

You can video call with her and make her feel loved while she’s getting her nails done.

Skylight Photo Frame

The Skylight photo frame is a smart photo frame that makes it truly simple to share exceptional photographs with loved ones. Utilizing a smartphone app or by means of an email address, you can send photographs directly to the Wi-Fi connected photograph frame, and they appear in only a couple seconds.

And y’know, it might be tempting to troll your mom and upload still scenes from The Exorcist, but try not to for her heart’s sake.

A streaming music subscription

It’s entirely possible that your mother still has music on cassettes, CDs, or listens to the classic music radio stations. If that sounds like your mother, why not upgrade her listening experience?

Gift your mom a Spotify account and teach her how to easily search for all her favorite music artists she grew up with - bonus points if you put together a playlist for her!

Something from her wish list

Sometimes you don’t have to guess what someone would like as a gift. If your mother keeps any kind of shopping wish list, or has mentioned things she’d really love to own, it should be pretty easy for you to hop on Amazon and have it sent to her.