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How A Family Lawyer In Colorado Springs Can Make It Easier During Divorce

Family Lawyer In Colorado Springs

Surely, you don’t want things to get worse when you’re in a divorce. The last thing you want to happen is getting your children involved in the conflict and drama of a divorce case. That’s why hiring a family lawyer makes sense even if you can make decisions concerning child support, property, and financial support with your spouse.

Learn how a family lawyer can help make your divorce process a lot easier by continuing to read below.

Help You With Sound Decision-Making

While many people say that relying less on divorce lawyers and courts makes a divorce case run smoother, consulting a family lawyer will help you make an informed decision. With a mediator or a third party involved, you’re able to objectively assess your situation and work better with your spouse to make the best decision, most especially for your children.

Here are some ways a family lawyer can help you make the right decision during a divorce:

Provide expert advice to couples who want to divorce based on existing family laws. Discussions about child support, marital property, and alimony are covered based on the unique needs of each client.

A family law attorney Colorado Springs can help you formulate clear child support agreements, which shows the frequency, amount, and child support payment methods agreed upon and signed by both parties.

Ensure that every verbal agreement is put in writing and would be legally binding to avoid conflicts in the future.

Avoid Intense Emotions or Keep Tensions Low

Divorce usually involves intense emotions, so hiring an experienced divorce lawyer can help mediate an escalating conflict or topic, keeping tensions low. That’s why you have to hire the right family lawyer for your situation. Ask many questions as possible during your initial consultation.

Here are some examples:

Do you support settlement outside the court? Or do you prefer battling issues in court? Make sure that you choose a lawyer who is a client advocate to ensure your rights and best interests are prioritized, among other things.

What’s my best course of action given my current situation? A good family lawyer should be able to provide and explain your options. Also, you’ll be helped in weighing available options to avoid ugly and prolonged divorce proceedings. You don’t want to fight fire against fire or give up either. Knowing your best option will save you money on legal fees and safeguard the welfare and well-being of your children.

Protect Your Children

If there’s someone who will be likely affected by a divorce, that is your child or your children. The longer your divorce will take, the sour your family relationship will be, and the longer you’ll take to develop a good parent-child relationship after the proceedings. A divorce attorney Colorado Springs can help you protect your children’s best interests during divorce.

Here’s how:

  • Help parents in breaking the news and explaining the effects of divorce in the family, like living separately. Discussions should consider the maturity, temperament, and age of the child.
  • Refer parents to appropriate agencies or professionals for family counseling. A child psychologist can help explain that divorce is not the child’s fault.
  • Give expert advice to parents on how to help children through divorce by answering questions truthfully without necessarily knowing all the reasons behind the divorce.
  • A family lawyer can help you take a temporary restraining order to protect you and your children if you believe that your spouse may become violent during the divorce.
  • Ensures that your money in your joint account is not spent on unnecessary things and file court action as needed for immediate spousal and child support.

Collaborative Practice

If your spouse hired a divorce lawyer, you also have to hire one for fair and just outcomes. You don’t necessarily have to battle it out in court. You can engage in collaborative practice for a more peaceful divorce. It is an agreement among spouses and lawyers not to litigate but try to settle instead.

Here are the important things you need to know about collaborative practice:

  • An agreement should be signed stating that a divorce will head towards litigation if a settlement is not reached.
  • Spouses will need to find new lawyers to negate any financial incentives for lawyers who push for litigation or prolong discussions, which will expedite settlement.


Once you have decided to undergo divorce, the most important thing you have to consider is the future and welfare of your children. Regardless of the reason why you have finally decided to part ways, a family lawyer can help you make the best decisions concerning child support, financial agreements, and division of property, among others.