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How Often You Should Change Your Pajamas?

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Pajamas are the ultimate symbol of relaxation. Since we wear pajamas to bed, they automatically send a signal to our brains that means we are about to start settling down and getting ready to descend into dreamland.

You might not think it, but caring for a pair of pajamas can be pretty difficult. After all, we’re asleep for the majority of the time that we are wearing them, which means we’re a lot less conscious of keeping them in tip-top condition. That being said, it’s just as important to take care of your pajamas as you would any other item of clothing. After all, you wouldn’t wear the same outfit five times in a row without taking a break to wash it, so why are pajama sets any different?

If you are unsure how often you should change your pajamas, this article has got you covered. If you want to learn more, read on.

Reasons Why You Must Change Your Pajamas

You probably have a favorite pair of pajamas in your collection. As amazing as you may feel while wearing them, you simply cannot wear the same pajamas for weeks at a time. 

There are a couple of key reasons why you must regularly change your pajamas. We have outlined our top reasons below.

Maintain Hygiene

If you shower at night before you start getting ready for bed, you will likely not need to change your pajamas as frequently. This is because you are clean every time you put your pajamas on to head to bed. In this case, you’ll likely be able to get away without changing your pajamas for longer. It’s also true that if you lather up with scented body lotion after coming out of the shower, your pajamas will collect additional oils. If this is something you typically do, it’s probably best to change your pajamas every two wears (or something similar).

In simple terms, changing your pajamas regularly is a great way to stay clean – especially if you use a lot of products on your body in your nighttime post-shower regime.

To Stay Cool

Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to completely eliminate the occurrence of night sweats, especially if it is linked to any sort of medical condition. Waking up drenched in sweat is a good enough reason for some consistent pajama changes. 

For Comfort

Finally, you must change your pajamas to ensure you are comfortable. For example, in the hotter summer months, you won’t want to be wearing the same pair of sweat-soaked pajamas to bed for days on end. In this situation, you’ll likely go through a couple of pairs of pajamas in a week.

How Often You Should Change Your Pajamas

Now we reach the most important question of them all: how often should you change your pajamas? 

Ideally, you should aim to change your pajamas every three or four wears. This is ideal as it prevents you from collecting dead skin inside the material of your pajamas. However, there aren’t any specific rules and you can change your pajamas as frequently as you want to. It’s best to use your common sense in this situation. If your pajamas are visibly dirty or full of stains, it’s probably best to put them straight into the wash so that you can pick out a fresh pair for a better night of rest.

Overall, this means that you will go through around two to three pairs of pajamas a week depending on your nighttime habits and general routine.

How To Extend the Cleanliness Of Your Pajamas

If you have an aversion to doing laundry or cannot do it as frequently as you want to, changing your pajamas can feel like a real chore. A simple solution to this problem is to limit the amount of time that you spend in your pajamas so that you are only wearing them as you sleep, rather than for long periods during the day.

Not only will doing this increase your productivity (because let’s face it: who gets anything productive done while wearing pajamas?), but it will also ensure that you don’t need to change your pajamas every day.


You should aim to change your pajamas every three to four wears to ensure that you are staying clean. However, if you want to change your pajamas more often, you can easily do so. This is because there are no rules or guidelines about how often you should change your pajamas