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How To Choose A Harmless And Effective Sunscreen For Your Kids

sunscreen for kids

We all have a love and hate relationship with the sun. It is true that the sun is known to provide numerous benefits, such as helping with the generation of vitamin D. However, it can also cause harmful effects on the skin. Aside from creating fine lines and wrinkles, it also causes changes in the skin; some could even lead to skin cancer.

For that reason, taking care of the skin is important. The earlier you start caring for your skin, the better. That’s why you should also begin teaching it to your kids even at a young age. You can do that by starting to make them wear sunscreen.

Sunscreens block and absorb UV rays using a combination of chemical particles. They’re like a shield that reflects UV radiation from your skin.

However, to get the maximum effect of sunscreens, you need to choose the right one, especially when you’re shopping for your kids. Before you add that sunscreen you’re eyeing, here are some tips on how you can find a safe and effective sunscreen for your kids.

Choose Sunscreen with at least SPF 30

For starters, the SPF, or the sun protection factor, is the one that helps in blocking the sun’s harmful radiation. The higher the SPF your sunscreen has, the higher the protection you’ll get.

However, that doesn’t mean you can stay in the sun longer. This is because there isn’t much difference between an SPF 30 and 100 as reports say that they only have marginal difference. For instance, SPF 30 blocks 97 percent of UVB radiation while SPF 100 can block nearly 99 percent.

Check the Ingredients

No sunscreen is created equal. Even if they have the same SPF level, they may also contain different ingredients. Some, however, can be harmful to the environment and the body.

Oxybenzone, for instance, should be avoided as it is a hormone disruptor and may even amplify sun damage. Sunscreen containing nanoparticles is a no-no too as little is known about it, especially when used on children’s skin.

What you should look for instead are metal oxides, such as zinc and titanium as they are good for protecting the skin. A zero waste sunscreen is also a must. This is because it doesn’t only give you some shield, but it is also gentle and moisturizing. It’s not harmful for the environment too.

However, some ingredients may affect a sunscreen’s price. Even so, they are guaranteed safe, so you’re sure that your money isn’t wasted.

Choose Lotion

These days, there are lots of sunscreen variants on the market. Some come in stick form and even spray. True enough, they may give convenience for adults, especially when you need to re-apply them over makeup. However, not all of them are safe for kids.

Spray-on sunscreens, for example, are still being debated by experts as applying it without being inhaled, especially for children, is difficult. It doesn’t ensure even and sufficient coverage too.

That said, it’s safer to go for lotions instead. With this, you can ensure that it’s applied evenly and they are absorbed less through the skin.

Do a Test First

Once you’ve found something that you think is okay to use, don’t forget to test it first. Remember how we choose our makeup and other skincare products before we buy? We test them first to see how our skin would react to its formula and the same should be done too when shopping for your kids’ sunscreen.

Our skin reacts differently with the combination of ingredients found on sunscreens too. So, before you checkout, make sure that you try it out first by applying a small amount on your child’s inner wrist. If irritation starts or if a rash develops, might as well ditch it and look for another product. You can also ask your kid’s doctor for suggestions if you want to be sure.

Avoid Fragrance

A sunscreen with fragrance sure is fun to apply. It may also help you encourage your kids to wear it more. And, of course, who doesn’t want to smell good?

Fragrance in sunscreen may make it smell good. However, the fragrance isn’t always good for the skin as it can irritate the skin. It can cause itchiness and redness. Sometimes, you might not even notice changes in your skin as our skin now but it could cause worse concerns in the long run.

Starting skincare early is crucial in protecting the skin and preventing over time, so be sure to choose the right products for your kids. By following the tips above, you will be protecting your children from the harsh rays of the sun. Doing so will give them healthy skin in the years to come.