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How to compare electricity providers in Melbourne

 electricity providers in Melbourne

If you live in Melbourne and you want to get a good deal on your electricity, then it makes sense to compare the different brands out there and find the most cost-conscious package to suit your needs.

Thankfully there are a few ways to check up on the providers in this part of the country, so here are some tips to help Melbournians select the energy company that meets their expectations and budget.

Work out what you require

This is a step that a lot of people ignore, but the only way to successfully compare providers is to first consider what you want to get out of this type of service.

There are lots of metrics and circumstances to weigh up here, starting with whether you are a domestic or a business user. The size of your premises, the number of occupants, and the area you are based in will all come into play as well.

It can be helpful to have a utility bill to hand as well, as this will give you a key point of comparison. Unless you know what you are paying now, you won’t be able to work out if the offers you receive are right for you.

Rank tariffs directly

Next, you can use online tools to compare the best electricity providers Melbourne has to offer without needing to do lots of research on your own.

Web-based comparison sites are a boon for consumers and business users alike. They will give you an overview of the top tariffs from reputable providers in your area of the city, and will usually allow you to filter the results according to your unique circumstances.

You can also take advantage of legislation which means that, as a customer of an energy company, if you decide to switch tariffs then all of the admin heavy-lifting must be done by the providers. This eliminates one of the longest-standing barriers to getting a better deal, and of course, this is a journey that all starts with comparison.

Get personal recommendations

Pricing is not the only thing that matters when it comes to picking an appropriate electricity provider in Melbourne. For example, you might be happy to pay a little more to go with a brand that has a better quality of customer service and support, rather than one which is cheap, cheerful, and lacking when it comes to after-sales care.

Asking friends, family, and colleagues about their experiences with their energy providers is a sensible step if you are still undecided after using a comparison tool. Some people might have horror stories about unexpected power outages and the lack of communication from their provider which made matters worse, or they could have nothing but good things to say about them.

A recommendation from someone whose opinion you trust could be especially useful if you have two or more closely matched providers on your watchlist, and you need some final selling point to tip one over the edge.

Consider sustainability

Another major point of comparison which more Melbourne residents will be thinking about at the moment is the eco-friendliness of the electricity provider they opt for.

Some offer more efficient, sustainable generation options than others, while there are specific tariffs for people who want to embrace renewable energy sources such as solar power.

Ultimately, there has never been a better time to be an energy customer in Melbourne or anywhere else in the state of Victoria, as a combination of a competitive market and excellent comparison capabilities mean that you can save money and snap up a tariff that meets your ethical expectations in one fell swoop.