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How To Find A Suitable Family Dog: Useful Tips

tips on choosing a dog for kids

Carefully Considering All The Factors Will Help You To Choose The Right Dog For You Family

When you bring a dog inside your house, you bring in many possibilities for companionship, security and give the children a chance to be responsible for another living being. To make sure you get the right dog that fits your lifestyle and that of your family, you need to take certain factors into consideration before selecting one. Below are some useful tips that can help you find a suitable family dog.


This aspect has to be considered at length before you get a dog home. As a canine parent, you will need to give a certain amount of time to them. If you have work and family responsibilities that will limit your time with them when they are puppies, then you will need to arrange for help. According to, you can have puppies that are already trained to be by themselves for 8 to 9 hours and have learned the response to basic commands. As some of the breeds are more active, you will need to take them out for walks and runs at least three times a day. If you cannot arrange for a dog walker or walk them yourself, it is advised to stay away from breeds like huskies, border collies, and Jack Russel.


By budget, it is not only the cost you will need to pay the breeder for your puppy, but also the maintenance of the canine for the rest of its life. Money is an important factor to keep in mind when you are making any decision with a family. Some of the dogs can cost you more in the long run as they will need expensive food and are more prone to certain diseases. This is more in the case of when people select a rare or premium breed of the dog. The vet bills and check-ups can give you a hard time staying on budget. 


When you have children or older people at home, it is important to select a dog with the right temperament. There are a few breeds of dogs that are not very child-friendly. These are not only big dogs, but also smaller and medium-sized ones. Small terriers, poodles, schnauzers, and so on will not easily get along with kids. There are also at the same time some larger dogs that are extremely friendly and patient with children, and some of the best examples of such breed will be St. Bernards, Collies, Retrievers, and mastiffs. Furthermore, the more time you spend socializing with them, they will be more comfortable with your children. Keep in mind that you will also need to make sure your children have a caring nature towards the dog. 


Much as you would like to get your furry and loyal friend home as soon as you finalize one, you must check to see if you or anyone in your family has any allergies. Any kind of pet allergies can be hard to deal with. Dog-related allergies are however lower than cat-related ones. To be on the safe side, look for a dog that does not shed much so that you and your family will be less prone to allergy. Simultaneously, you can also learn how to take care of the dog and its hygiene needs, so they are also less prone to getting sick.


If you live in a smaller apartment, then it would be to get a dog that is smaller and weighs less. The amount of space available you have for the dog should be considered when getting one. Some dogs have a lot of energy, and leaving them in small spaces is not a good idea. Some dogs bark a lot, so if you have neighbors who could get annoyed, then either you can choose a more silent breed or get anti-bark collars. A house with a fenced-in yard will be an ideal place for the dog to move about and exercise. 

The above-mentioned are some basic considerations. However, apart from making considerations about the dog, you must also prepare yourself for it. A dog is more like a companion who will work on pleasing you and making you happy. They have been known as the man's best friends for a reason. However, for them to be able to give you their unconditional love, they must be looked after and cared for in the same way. When you are ready for such responsibility, any dog will be happy to comply with your needs.