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How to get my 1-year-old baby to sleep throughout the night 

1-year-old baby sleeping through the night

There is no doubt that you love your baby, but the baby seems to be living in a different time zone. Clocks are not yet invented in baby’s world so anytime- including 2.00a.m. - can be playtime. You wouldn’t mind that under different circumstances, but tonight, you need the kid to sleep throughout the night. So here’s what you need to do.

Reduce the number of naps taken in the day.

How many naps should your one-year-old have during the day? The answer is; a maximum of two- a long one in the morning and brief one in the afternoon. The total number of hours for the two should not exceed two and a half hours.

Study shows that a toddler sleeps for up to fourteen hours in a day. Thus if you reduce the length of daytime naps, you increase the odds of your kid sleeping throughout the night. Combine that with the next tip.

Ensure that the baby is well fed before going to bed.

A hungry baby is a fussy baby. When do you feed your baby? The trick is to nurse that child thoroughly before putting him to bed, and as a mother, you have ways of knowing whether your child is well fed or not.

Sometimes a baby might wake up at night even after you’ve done everything right. When that happens, don’t panic. You too wake up to pee or recover from a nightmare! You only get worried if this occurs frequently.

Where does your baby sleep?

First, look at the location of the toddler’s bed. By now, you know that the child can be disrupted easily by noise from within or without the house. So place the bed far from the door, the staircase and the street

Next, check the mattress. Is your little one sleeping on the right mattress? Take time to know the differences between foam, organic, and innerspring mattresses. For instance, Puffy Lux is one of the best, according to

Finally, how have you furnished baby’s room? Is the lighting too bright? Is the place congested? Put yourself in your baby’s shoes. Would you have a good night’s sleep in such a room? You must make sure that nothing, within your power, disturbs the baby at night.

You might have to wean your baby off you!

This might sound cruel, but if you are the only one that can put the toddler to sleep, then it’s high time you delegate the duty to someone else. That someone can also be the kid himself! Imagine a situation where every time the baby wakes up; only you can put him back to sleep.

You will suffer burn out soon- if that hasn’t happened already. Perhaps that’s why you are reading this article-just kidding! You know, you can create a simple routine where after you lay your child on the bed, you walk out and switch off the lights. Make the place as dark as possible, and leave him to put himself to sleep.

Get the baby tired.

Yes, get the baby tired. Engage your child as much as possible during the day so that by night time he is so tired that he falls asleep. You can get enough games and storybooks for a one-year-old online. Crown the day with a warm bath.


Stress, fear, and illnesses could also be the reason why your child does not sleep throughout the night. Once, you have tried the tips listed above, and baby does not change, consider seeing a doctor before trying other things. Do not use sleep medicine!