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How to Properly Prepare for Baby's Arrival as a First-Time Dad?

First-Time Dad

So many new parents don't know how to prepare for the arrival of their first child. There are plenty of ways you can get ready to be a parent, but let's take a look at some tips that might help ease the transition into fatherhood.

Seek Professional Guidance

Some dads would rather just wing it. Others are so excited about becoming a father that they don't want to bother with preparing for anything, especially if they feel like this is out of their comfort zone. While these feelings are understandable, you should remember that your first child will be born into your world first before entering the larger world where other people, such as teachers and mentors, will be the main influences in their lives. As a new dad, you can learn so much with and other dads. You can seek professional guidance this time around by talking to your spouse's doctor (and pediatrician if you're planning on having more children) about parenting classes that would help ease both of you into becoming parents. 

You could also read online resources that offer information on how to raise a child from birth up until they go off to college and/or vocational school. Keep in mind though that experts say there is no handbook for parenthood, so don't get too bogged down with researching every little detail about what it means to be a parent, or else you might find yourself going crazy before baby even makes its grand entrance.

Be Prepared With Household Supplies

Whether you're the primary caregiver or not, it's good to make yourself useful in your household by pitching in on chores. You can start with minimizing clutter around the house. If you don't have kids yet but are planning to have some soon, then get used to picking up toys into a storage box or closet so that when the baby arrives, there won't be too many obstacles for them right off the bat. It'll also help if you get rid of old clothes and other clutter that may just look unsightly to visitors who are coming over for a visit. 


As far as shopping goes, remember that babies will need more than just milk for their little bellies. They will probably need diapers even though your doctor may tell you that babies can use the restroom after a few months. In addition, they will need other items such as onesies in various colors and sizes. You should also have a car seat ready so that if you decide to go out in public with your child, you won't have to bring them around in a makeshift vehicle transport device. Another important thing to buy is an infant seat, which can be placed on top of your dining table so you can feed the baby while sitting down.

Be Aware of Basic Personal Hygiene

Old wives' tales might say that when women are pregnant, they tend to get sick easily from certain smells or from eating certain foods. On the other hand, it's been proven by science that dads-to-be could also fall victim to similar pregnancy symptoms too because their hormones will fluctuate just like their partners do during this time of joy and discovery. So as you start preparing for baby's arrival, it would be wise to not only look after your spouse by massaging them regularly, doing their laundry, preparing their meals, and making sure they eat healthy foods, but also make time for yourself to take a relaxing shower or bath now and then. 

Your doctor may even give you recommendations on what types of food will help you remain energized throughout the day because if you're constantly feeling fatigued from hunger pangs or from lack of sleep from staying up with your partner at night while she's going through difficult labor pains, then it'll affect your ability to properly care for her or at least be intimate with her once the baby is born.

As a first-time dad, it pays to be prepared for your child's arrival. That being said, don't become too obsessed with planning things out beforehand because as they say, what will be will be. In addition, remember that these tips are only meant to provide you with a basic understanding of how you can properly care for yourself and your new family member once the baby is born so don't worry if some tasks take more time than others or if there isn't enough money at the moment to buy all of the supplies you need on the list. Just keep in mind that this is a journey that both of you must embark on together as father and mother because after all, parenthood involves teamwork.