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How To Support Parents Who Are Considering Adoption

Considering Adoption

Parents considering adoption need all the support and encouragement that can be provided. If it's unchartered territory for them or if they have adopted before, the process always comes with mixed emotions.

The aim is to validate the parents’ decision regarding the adoption. Perhaps they may have heard all the negativity in news articles and people who didn’t take the time to empathize with their circumstances that may have led to adoption. 

That being said, here are some of the ways that you can support parents considering adoption:

  1.  Speak Positively

It is easy to recall negative experiences that others may have shared when people decide to take on a process that we may have otherwise not have traveled. Negativity may not have been meant with ill intent, rather with a tone of caution, skepticism, or fear based on our understandings and perceptions of adoption. Hence, it’s important to speak positively about the decision and steps towards the parents who are considering adoption.

Speaking positively about adoption with parents considering it is one definite way of support. This means affirming that the parents have the characteristics required to nurture a child but needed the right circumstances to do so. Speaking positively also means assuring the parents that the child/children will grow to love and appreciate their adoptive parents and enjoy a quality life, despite the challenges that may come with the process.

You can encourage parents to visit, which is a positive platform that provides material and guidance regarding adoption.

  1. Create A Support System

You can create a support system with family and friends of the parents as they consider adoption. The parents may most probably be anxious and may have feelings of doubt regarding whether they’re making the right decision. These feelings may get overwhelming and parents may end up isolating themselves, which may result in depression.

One way of creating a support system is by scheduling times where you can get together and discuss any concerns, thoughts, or feelings that the parents and older children may have. This may be done over dinner, pizza night, or game night. This simple gesture will mean a lot to the parents who are processing a multitude of emotions.

  1. Help Around the House

If the parents went through adoption, the experience may weigh heavy on them. The parents may spend some time unable to go through their days as they normally do.

You can ask if you can offer your services by cleaning the house, cooking, delivering food, caring for other children, if any, or run any specific errands. It’s important that you’ll have a positive spirit while you carry out these activities since this may be a difficult time for them.


The different ways that you can support parents that are considering adoption include speaking positively with them about the process, creating a support system, and helping around the house during the time of birth and adoption. These seemingly small gestures make a huge impact for parents who may have a multitude of thoughts and feelings as they’ll experience first-hand the facts of adoption.