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Keeping A Neat House and Happy Kids – How is It Possible?

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If you have small kids, keeping your home neat is challenging to say the least, but it's still possible.

Generally, for a happy family, it's not crucial to have a tidy house each and every day. However, a messy and dirty space makes us feel uncomfortable. It can be overwhelming to work or impossible to relax when there's clutter all around you. 

Everybody has their own standard when it comes to acceptable ammount of clutter. It all depends on your parents and the household you grew up in. If your mom is a tidy person and keeps the house in perfect order, you'd want your home to be like that too. On the other hand, if your parents didn't stress about the mess, you'll think it's not a problem if things are all over the house. Find what works for you and your loved ones, and which level of clean is clean enough.

Small Kids And a Clean House - how to keep it.

  • Change the way you understand the word "tidy."

Perhaps it used to have the meaning that everything is put in the order, things are in their places, and surfaces are bright. Your home was ready for an unexpected company, and most of the time looked like it came from a magazine - until you became a mother. Now, with these little hands, this got an entirely different meaning. It's absolutely acceptable to see visible toys in baskets everywhere.

During a day, while kids are playing, the house looks like a playroom. Indeed, the home is not always ready for unexpected guests. On the other hand, all of your friends will surely understand what's going on. Your home is still clean and tidy, although the neat has the different meaning now.

  • Include the children

Kids don't make a mess to annoy you. It's their main job to explore their environment. On the other hand, you as a parent are the one who needs to find out how to keep the house neat, while kids are free to be kids.

It's a good solution letting them throw their toys while playing. But once the playing is over, the toys have to be picked up and put in order. Sometimes they do that, other times you help them. That's all normal, but the point is to include them whenever it's possible. That way, you teach them to be responsible, while they help you keep the space tidy.

  • Minimize the decoration

If you display knickknacks and sentimental decoration, your house will look like you're losing a game in Jumanji. If you can't persist to decorate, keep those items above the hand reach. It's too hard for small kids to avoid them all the time.

Fewer things on accessible surfaces mean fewer things thrown all over the house.

  • Make sweeps during a day

If you pick up after playing is over, and once again after bedtime, there won't build piles of mess. It's far easier than if you clean up every two or three days, so you won't have to spend a lot of time tidying. If you tidy every day, it takes about only ten minutes. That means more time to enjoy the activities you love, and spend time with your loved ones.

  • Keep the floors clean

As small children spend most of the time playing and exploring on the floor, it's important to keep it clean. Moreover, the whole house looks far tidier when the floor is clear and picked up. For the perfect results, we recommend you to try a carpet steam cleaner. If you would rather try out some other kind of device, there are high rated floor cleaners we picked for you.

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  • Organizing is crucial

If things have no place, it's super easy to make complete chaos. They spread all over the house. All the surfaces end up covered with different things, and you quickly find yourself unmotivated to clean up. Toys without the place can be especially annoying when you accidentally step on them. For that reason, you need to make the place for everything. When every item has its home, it's easy to bring it back after each use. Even if a pile build up, you'll quickly bring everything where it belongs.

There's nothing wrong if your house looks like people live in it. Also, it's wise to teach the children to clean up their mess. There will always be days when the house is in fantastic condition, and those when it looks terrible, but it's not a big deal. The point is to maintain a positive, domestic atmosphere all the family enjoys. Everybody should be included in keeping the house clean and tidy. In return, everybody will benefit from a neat and organized home.