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Key Considerations for Your Elderly Loved One’s Health & Wellbeing

elderly in a wheelchair

If you are fortunate enough to still have both your mother and father in your life, then you will naturally want to ensure that they are fit and well, both in the context of their physical health and emotional well-being, for as long as humanly possible. So, with this in mind, here are the three main considerations for your elderly loved one’s health and well-being.

  1. Their Levels of Mobility

If your elderly parent is someone who has always prided themselves on being as independent as possible, often to the point of insisting on doing something entirely on their own that you can see could pose an issue, it can often be hard to ascertain whether or not they are struggling.

Hopefully, you are kept up-to-date, via your loved one, as to their physical health and, ideally, more often than not, accompany them to any medical appointments they may have. Accessibility is just as much a priority for older people and the elderly as anyone else, so every measure should be taken to ensure they are safe when moving around, both inside the home and outside too.

  1. Their Current Living Situation

It may well be the case that, at the time of reading this article, your elderly loved one is entirely confident and capable of living at home on their own, and neither you nor any other members of your family have any particular concerns regarding their safety.

However, should this situation change, it would be incredibly helpful to make yourself aware of the different options of senior living communities available should this situation change. Established and prominent senior living communities, such as assisted living in Austin, TX, are a fantastic choice should your older loved one begin to not feel comfortable living alone and instead want to move to a thriving and safe community in their local area.

  1. Their Communication & Social Life

The third consideration for the physical health and emotional well-being of your elderly parent or other loved one, especially when ascertaining whether or not they are still absolutely fine and happy living independently in their own home, is related to how they communicate and how often they socialize with friends and family.

In terms of communication, it is absolutely essential that you and other people who are closest to your parents maintain a consistent, open, and honest line of communication, as the worst possible situation you could find yourself in is if your loved one simply does not tell you how they are feeling and any problems they may be having.

Isolation and loneliness have an exceedingly negative effect on the life of anyone, regardless of their age, living situation, or professional and personal pursuits. Still, in older adults, both can affect life to the point of their mental health declining.

Keep that proverbial eye on how well your parents are keeping up with their friends, and how often they leave the house for events and activities, and always ensure they know you are there for anything and everything should they need you.