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Mommy And Me Swim Lessons - Bonding That Saves Lives

Swim Lessons

One of the most powerful and wholesome experiences that we can go through as human beings are the bonding experiences between a parent and child; especially the mother-child bond.Ask any mother that breastfeeds and they will tell you that in life, seldom do we venture into things that can have a greater emotional impact than creating and nurturing bonds with our children. 

As studies have found out, bonding with your baby has a very significant importance on the long term mental well being of your children. It is then very logical to assume that most parents would love to experience this aspect of parenting. Not only is it beneficial for the child, but it can also be one of those; once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

There are many ways one can choose to experience and progress bonding with their children. Based on all evidence it seems that king among these all is having a fun time, combined with skin-on-skin contact. Considering that, Mommy and Me swim lessons turn out to be one of the most efficient ways of creating experiences that enable bonding.

Mommy and Me swim lessons consist of a combination of both things mentioned there. If you partake in mommy and me swim lessons you will have to hold your baby or toddler while singing and laughing.On top of everything else this experience not only provides an opportunity to create or strengthen the bond between you and your child, but it also serves as an educational endeavor. 

Mommy and Me swim lessons are by design meant for groups of mothers. Which can enhance the experience furthermore. Not only do you get to have some fun time in the water with your baby, but you get to do so while surrounded by friends and family who would like to do the same. If that sounds like the perfect thing, keep in mind that you’re better off with private swim lessons. Not only are they more qualitative, but they also allow you to pick and choose who you put in your group. 

It is also important that we mention that not all parents bond at the same rate with their children. This is a process that can be delayed by many things, and it is completely normal to experience late bonding.

Mommy and Me swim lessons help with such cases too. Most of the time, these classes are meant for babies older than 6 months. 

The Life Saving Side Of Mommy And Me Swim Lessons 

swimming lessons

Picture Source: Yan Krukov on Pexels 

As we already mentioned, Mommy and Me swim lessons can be educational on top of providing an amazing bonding experience. However, ‘educational’ doesn't quite paint the full picture and scope. Mommy and Me swim lessons can be a life saving activity.

As the CDC reports, the number one cause of death in children aged 1-4 are drowning related incidents. A horrifying statistic indeed, but one that to an extent has a solution. In the same report, the CDC mentions the inability to swim as one of the main factors that drives drowning incidents. 

Although there are swim lessons for the age groups mentioned above. Mommy and Me swim lessons are the best means of prevention against drowning related incidents and fatalities in babies and younger toddlers. Mommy and Me swim lessons are one of the rare things in life, which are jam packed with positive, in all possible points of view, with no negatives whatsoever. 

If the benefits above sound like the right thing for you and/or your group of friends, you can reap them through the services of InstaSwim. Not only do they provide high-quality private Mommy and Me swim lessons, but they also remove the hassle of finding an instructor or a company that operates in your area. 

InstaSwim serves nation-wide; all you have to do is register and they bring the lessons to you! Making InstaSwim the most convenient option which delivers the most amazing results.