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Tips To Stay Safe When Ice Skating With Your Kids

ice skating safety tips

Going on the ice rink with your children can be one of the greatest joys in life.

It is fun, exhilarating, and doing this activity with your kids can be amazing.

However, it’s important to remember to stay safe when on the rink. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), there were 14,758 injuries from ice skating related injuries in 2021.

In addition, some of the most common injuries that result from ice skating include bruises, superficial wounds, and bone fractures. Since these injuries are so common, you might be thinking how you can possibly stay safe on the rink.

Now, what exactly can you do? Let’s find out.

Choose The Right Skating Rink

The most important step for ensuring safety for you and your family on the rink is to choose the right one.

Be sure to take a look at Google reviews, yelp reviews, along with their website to ensure that it is a safe facility for you and your family. You should also keep the weather conditions in mind, as bad weather has the possibility of ruining your great time.

Dress For Success

Now, what you wear matters on the rink.

Please dress in warm clothing. Be sure to layer your clothes properly, and even take the precaution of wearing gloves and mittens. So if you end up falling, you can use your gloves to protect your hands from the cold ice. 

On another note, the quality of your skates also matter. You might be able to get away with wearing a cheap pair of skates from Amazon, but don’t do that. If you don’t have any suitable skates, be sure to rent some beforehand. 

Most popular ice rinks have skates that are available for rent, so make sure to take advantage of that if you have a chance. Depending on where you go, a pair of skates that you end up renting aren’t usually too expensive.

Furthermore, you can provide a helmet for your little ones to take even more precaution. 

Teach Basic Skating Skills and Etiquette

When taking your children to an ice skating rink, it is essential to teach them basic skating skills.

The most basic skills are the fundamentals, some of which include forward and backward skating, stopping, crossovers, and turns. It’s also crucial to tell your kids to skate within their comfort zone. 

So if your kids don’t feel comfortable skating on their own yet, encourage them to grab onto the side rails until they can get to a better level. Furthermore, it’s also very important to make sure your kids know how to be mindful of other skaters and treat others with respect, while following the rink rules. 

Just remember that your kids are a reflection of you, so make sure they are on their best behavior while on the rink. So make sure they don’t do anything that is different from how they act at school or home. 

Be Prepared For An Emergency

Let’s just say one of your kids falls and breaks their arm. 

Now you are unsure on what the best course of action is. You could either try to call an ambulance or try to figure this situation out on your own. 

If you find yourself in a situation such as this one, you need to be aware of emergency protocol. The emergency protocol will vary, depending on the area you are in, as well as accessibility to a hospital in your area. 

When it comes to a situation where the ice on the rink might be damaged or defective, or there was a third party responsible for your child’s injuries, you may have grounds for a potential lawsuit. 

If you are interested in putting an at-fault party responsible for their negligence, it might be in your best interest to get in touch with a Seattle personal injury attorney. A lawyer who specializes in personal injury has experience handling these types of claims, and they also know how to hold the negligent party accountable. 

Stay Safe When Skating On The Ice Today

Remember, when you are skating on an ice rink, you should choose the right skating rink, dress for success, teach your kids basic skating skills, and always be prepared for an emergency. 

By following these tips, you have the possibility of avoiding injuries when on the rink and staying safe with your family and kids.