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Tips to throw a kids party to celebrate summers.

kids birthday party theme

Do you have a summer birthday party planned for one of your kids? Maybe you're looking forward to having a party outside in that case. Children love being outside when it's sunny and warm so they can run around, be active, and do their favorite things. 

For your help, we've listed some excellent summer birthday party ideas to make your child's party memorable.


Set a budget for the kids' party

 Here's what you can do to save:

  • If possible, have your party in the afternoon instead of the evening and offer snacks instead of food.

  • The party craft would be great with a party favor.

  • Paper goods and decorations don't have to cost much! Solid-colored paper goods are cheap, and you can reuse them for future parties! You can inflate balloons or use steamers.

Put on a themed party

Do you have a dinosaur-obsessed kid? Is your kid a fairy tale fan? How about some magic? Wouldn't it be fun if you could host the party of their dreams in your backyard or at a local park? This fantastic interactive party will delight all your kids' friends. So they're ready for an intergalactic adventure.

List of guests

What about a few of your child's closest friends? Do you plan to invite all their classmates or just 5 or 10? Having a guest list early on can help you figure out where and how much the party will cost and whether you'll cater to kids or adults. It is also possible to plan activities and games accordingly. Getting a cute, paperless invitation can save you a few bucks, or you can design and print it yourself. Finally, don't forget to track RSVPs and any dietary restrictions.

Gaming & Entertainment

Everything from clowns and magicians to DJs, Disney princesses, and bouncy castles is possible. For a mini party, renting an entertainer can be a little pricey, but keeping the kids entertained is worth it. When considering hiring professional kids party entertainers, book early to avoid disappointment. Also, planning some party games will keep things moving smoothly if you want to keep things low-key.

Water Fight

A water fight party is just as fun. Water toys, super soakers, buckets, and water balloons will keep you entertained for hours at the pool, along with a few towels to dry off. You can take the supplies to a park or green space near you, or you can do it at home.

A Teddy Bear Picnic

Maybe you should invite children with bear themes and ask them to bring their favorite stuff. You can encourage your kids to play Hide and seek, musical statues on the lawn, spread blankets, and prepare picnic food. You don't need a backyard for this event, but you can hold it in a park if you don't have one. Also, place teddy bears on separate tables at mealtime to keep them from getting soiled.

Movie night under the stars

A white sheet and a projector will transform your backyard into a movie theater. Serve popcorn and drinks, then cover the grass with chairs, blankets, cushions, or a combination of everything. You can still screen a movie inside if you don't have a projector. Just make sure to provide lots of movie-style snacks. It's easy to do at home. Consider choosing an age-appropriate movie and paying attention to emotional scenes if your child is sensitive.

Making a campout

Make your kids birthday extra special by inviting some of his closest friends over. Get a tent and throw a campout in the backyard. Make them a BBQ dinner and tell them ghost stories by flashlight. Of course, you're best off doing it at home. Keep parents' information handy in case of emergencies or if a kid is homesick and needs to leave.

The party bag

A going-home gift is part of the birthday magic, and it's pretty easy. It's easy to fill little plastic bags with sweets and plastic toys, but if you're patient, you could also make your own. You can also stuff party bags with homemade cookies, cake pops, or birthday cake slices. 

Putting individual name tags on the kids is a sweet way to thank them for coming. When you're having a small party, you can decorate paper bags (with your child's help) for a special going-home gift. Stock up on stickers, books, and pencils at your local supermarket for a fun and sugar-free treat.


Following the tips mentioned above, you can make your kids birthday one to remember. Make sure they have a great time outdoors this summer.