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Top Tips for Feeling and Looking Good All Day Long

woman wearing stylish jacket

Spending all day long at work does not mean that you cannot look and feel good. Looking good can boost your confidence, put you in the right mindset, and make you seem more professional. If you want to start looking and feeling good at work and beyond, follow these simple tips.

Add Glitz

Many people tend to save glamor for parties and days off. However, adding a little bit of glitz to your working day will not go amiss and can help to give your mood a little boost whenever you catch sight of yourself in a mirror. Then, to make sure that your working day does not make you feel drained and to instill personality back into your workwear, you should consider adding jewelry, such as screw back earrings or a studded bangle, to your ensemble.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

When you are working all day, you may quickly find that your feet begin to ache and hurt if you have chosen to wear high heels or work shoes that cramp your toes and that do not fit properly. You will not be able to concentrate on your work if you are not comfortable, though, and so you should always make sure that the footwear that you put on is soft and easy to walk in. You should also ensure that your shoes fit well and that you have worn them in before you decide to wear them for a long time.

Spruce Your Look Up with a Jacket

No matter what you decide to wear underneath, adding a jacket to your workwear ensemble can instantly smarten it up and make you look as if you mean business. One of the best types of jacket to choose is a blazer. Although these are traditional options, they now come in a great variety of colors and materials that can ensure that they match the rest of your outfit and the season. You might also choose to pair your clothes with a longline coat that can add definition to your outfit while keeping you warm.


If you are planning to work long hours, you should also decide to accessorize. Accessorizing is great as it allows you to add interest to basic workwear, ensuring that you do not need to spend a lot of money on unique and interesting outfits. These accessories can also be removed throughout the day if they interfere with your work. For instance, you might decide to wear a chiffon or pashmina scarf on cooler fall or spring days.


You should also consider layering your outfit. Layering can enable you to take warmer clothing on and off throughout the day depending on the ambient temperature in your workplace, and this can be an excellent option if you work near a draft or open window or if the temperature in your workplace fluctuates a lot. For instance, you should consider wearing a sweater vest or even a thermal vest underneath your business clothing.