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Trails North Carolina Helps Families Grow So Kids Can Heal

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No one has a more significant impact on their child's life than their immediate family. 

Trails Carolina knows that the success of their students depends on nurturing an environment kids can return home to and thrive in. To this end, supporting families is crucial because it fosters growth, participation, and support in your child's and family's healing at all levels of the home. 

Suppose a child returns to a familial environment that's unchanged in any significant way. In that case, they will quickly revert to old patterns of behavior. Healing can only happen when both sides - parent and child - grow. It is important for both parties to develop the needed skills to support their progress and help them continue on the road to positive behavior patterns after returning to everyday life. 

Why Do Well-Worn Patterns Reemerge?

Often it's because the family hasn't been given the resources or the toolkit to deal with a child who has behavioral problems. Or it's because there are negative patterns of behavior at the family level that would benefit from developing new and healthier strategies. 

Trails Carolina values familial growth, and they have designed their therapy programs with that holistic philosophy as its backbone. 

What Are the Benefits of Trails Carolina Family Therapy?

As a parent of a child attending Trails Carolina, you'll have access to many different services to help aid and sustain healing. For example, your child's primary therapist will be in touch with you weekly to talk about their progress and explain their challenges in a way that you can understand. 

Here we'll detail some of the different services offered at Trails Carolina.

Weekly Calls From a Family Therapist and Your Child's Therapist

When a teen comes to Trails Carolina, it's usually because some changes are needed at the family level. Family therapists will work with you and the other members of your family to set a few goals that address their challenges and your own. 

They'll help you understand your child's behavior, how current family structures contribute to the situation and help students and their families develop positive and loving strategies to deal with them successfully.

As well as providing access to family therapists, your child's therapists will keep you apprised of how they are progressing, as well as what challenges remain, with a weekly phone call. Throughout their time at Trails Carolina, both students and parents will have the continued support of therapists. 

You'll have help developing new parenting techniques and sharpening your existing ones. And you'll have help understanding your child, so you can give them the loving home they need to heal. 

Support Calls For Alumni Parents

Trails Carolina is very proud of its alumni families. It knows how important it is for newly graduated families to hear about the continued successes of their former students. 

That's why Trails Carolina offers Zoom support calls on the second and fourth Mondays of each month, allowing families to stay in touch and support each other. 

Zoom classes and skills workshops for parents

In addition to receiving support from a family therapist and your child's therapist, you'll also have access to workshops that help you learn healthy parenting skills. 

Not only will this allow you to improve your relationship with your child, but these new skills workshops will give you the confidence to parent your teen when they graduate from Trails. 

Extended family stays

Trails Carolina is all about finding common ground between children and their families. To that end, they offer a completely optional extended stay for the whole family.

Trails Carolina families will be provided with a beautiful home away from home where they can spend time together and begin using the new techniques they've learned. This will enable them to support one another and lay a communication foundation to help transition them back into everyday life.


The support of family members is critical in making change last. Trails Carolina's wilderness therapy program helps families reconnect with one another in a supportive and loving way. The entire family gains when you choose Trails Carolina.